Adobe Photoshop CC 2021 : Become A Designer in 1 Hour

Udemy Adobe Photoshop CC 2021 : Become A Designer in 1 Hour

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Master Adobe Photoshop for Graphic design, Photography, Photoshop retouching, digital painting & illustration, Animation

What you'll learn
  • Learn Photoshop from Scratch to Pro level and add it to your CV.
  • Pursuit your graphic designer, Digital Artist, Photographer dream job by mastering Photoshop.
  • Learn photoshop with graphic design & photography theories.
  • You will learn how to design precisely in Photoshop using design grids & guides.
  • Create amazing posters & Artwork that you use for your portfolio.
  • Fix & colorize black & white vintage images.
  • Create Fantasy designs/compositions
  • You will master Typography in Photoshop & create amazing Typography posters.
  • Create gifs & animated Ads in photoshop as everything moving toward motion.
  • Learn how to Design Trending Visual styles.
  • Create graphics from scratch.
  • Learn how to master brushes in Photoshop & create your own brushes.
  • Play with Type: wrap it interlock it with you design elements.
  • Export different photoshop formats.
  • Use the Pen & drawing tools like a professional in Photoshop
  • Your acquired knowledge of Photoshop can be a great skill to start earning money.
  • You will learn how to use photoshop tools & techniques in a creative real world applications.
  • You will learn to select & mask images with different techniques including tough areas like Hair, Smoke..etc.
  • Work like a professional in Photoshop mastering all Non- destructive techniques.
  • Learn how to retouch images & enhance your own images in a beautiful way.
  • Fix colors, exposure & contrast and take your photography skills to next level.
  • Create amazing Ads in different formats using only photoshop.
  • Create 3D design in Photoshop.
  • Learn digital painting fundamentals.
  • Fix & whiten teeth, retouch faces & body flaws.
  • Prepare your Artwork for print, web & screen applications.
  • Learn how to create Animation in 3D world in Photoshop.

  • Any version of Adobe Photoshop, preferably the CC (Creative Cloud) version (Free Trial version will work as well)
  • No prior knowledge is required either for Photoshop or design in general

Covering Almost all Adobe Photoshop's aspects & applications in a detailed, Creative and practical way.

Who is this course for?
Whether you are a BEGINNER or ADVANCED Graphic designer, Photographer, Digital Artist, Art Lover or even someone who is into enhancing your Instagram & Profile pictures. This course is designed for you!

As all Photoshop tools, Skills & Main topics are included in 14 sections, each of them can be a separate course on its own.
& each section is so detailed, with UNIQUE EDITING STYLE for the best explanation & most importantly straight to the point lessons not to waste your valuable time!

What does this course cover?

- Photoshop Essentials and basics.
- Layers & Photoshop's panels.
- Transformation & Perspective tweaking.
- Design & work Precisely in Photoshop.
- Photoshop Brushes & Digital Painting.
- Raster Drawing & Photoshop Vector Drawing.
- Selection & masking in Photoshop.
- Smart Objects.
- Adjustments Layers.
- Image Retouching & Manipulation in Photoshop.
- Typography & Creative Advertising ideas.
- Animated Gifs & Video editing in Photoshop.
- Finalizing & Exporting Files from photoshop.
- 3D design in Photoshop.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginners who want to learn how to become experts in Adobe Photoshop.
  • Anyone who is wants to use Photoshop for his career.
  • Graphic designers, Photographers, Illustrators, digital artists, motion graphic artists.
  • Creative people who like art as a hobby and want to express their Artistic thoughts and ideas into some real designs & Artwork.
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