Advanced Typescript programming with NodeJs and Webpack

Udemy Advanced Typescript programming with NodeJs and Webpack

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Watch Typescript, NodeJs, WebPack and AWS in action! Write and deploy your own NodeJs application with Typescript!

What you'll learn
  • Basic and advanced features of Typescript, like classes, access modifiers, OOP, decorators
  • Write a complex NodeJs server from scratch
  • Use Typescript with Webpack to run it inside the browser
  • Create Typescript dynamic views
  • Manage internal and external dependencies
  • Create a full stack application with clean Typescript
  • Use modern syntax (async/await)
  • Deploy NodeJs application to AWS(EC2 and S3)

  • Good programming level, either in JavaScript, or in Python, Java or C#
  • Time and patience
  • Basic HTML

TypeScript is one of the most loved languages of the moment. How can you learn it properly and go beyond basic examples?
By writing a full-stack, complex, real-world application:
  • Create a NodeJs server
  • Implement a database
  • Create a web client and bundle Typescript with WebpackPreview
Even if it's relatively new, Typescript has reinvented the way we code JavaScript, first of all by adding type safety, but also with many other great features like access modifiers, generics, interfaces, classes, decorators and many others.
Typescript combines the flexibility of modern JavaScript with the power of strongly typed languages like Java or C#, making it a great choice for your full stack app.
Welcome to my course, in which you will learn Typescript and NodeJs by practice. We will not waste much time on presentations or reading the documentation, which you can do yourself, no course needed. Instead we will focus on coding a real, full stack application.
Typescript features covered:
  • Installation and and setup inside a NodeJs project
  • Compiler options and how to integrate them
  • Private, public, protected access modifiers and where to use them
  • Objects, Interfaces and Classes
  • Abstract classes and inheritance
  • Generics
  • Decorators for Classes, Methods and Properties
  • Many more
Other great topics covered in this course:
  • Coding environment setup - Visual Studio Code
  • Typescript installation and initial program
  • Advanced debugging techniques
  • Strict null checks for an even better code security and robustness
  • Complex REST application architecture
  • Writing asynchronous code in Typescript, with modern async/await syntax for great code readability
  • Handling NodeJs database calls and abstracting the Db access, for easy extend, refactor or replacement
  • Secure login architecture - credentials and session tokens
  • API documentation for a NodeJs application
  • Building an user interface with Typescript using Webpack - integrate them inside HTML with routing
  • Application services
  • Adapting a NodeJs server for access from the browser - CORS headers setup
  • Dynamic UI update using decorators
  • Running the application on the web with AWS EC2 for the NodeJs server and S3 for the UI
This course stands out with many advantages and highlights:
  • Concise and with deep respect for your time: only learn what you need. Most of the instructor typing is cut, focusing on why we write a certain way the code.
  • Unitary Typescript course theme - the same NodeJs application, so you don't get bored and get a rewarding sense of completion
  • Experienced and programming active instructor: a great teacher never looses touch with the industry. This is especially true for software development, where the industry is so dynamic. This helps the instructor stay up to date with the best coding guidelines and present you the challenging parts, not the "hello world"
  • GitHub Code diffs - for each lecture - this way you can keep up and quickly get an overview of the lecture, in case you missed something
  • Great visuals - dark background, big font, 1080p resolution
  • Certificate of completion
The best way to learn is by exercise, so I'll see you in class.
There will be code!

Who this course is for:
  • Programmers who want to exand their knowledge to Typescript
  • Programmers who want to write a complex web app from scratch
  • Anyone who wants to practice NodeJs programming
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