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ArdanLabs - Ultimate Go

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The Advanced Ultimate Go class is designed to focus on digging deep into the language to understand the internals that matter and the semantics. The course is about if performance matters then these things matter.

Course Introduction
This course teaches how to write better, more idiomatic and performant code in Go with a focus on micro-level engineering decisions. The course begins with the a focus on Go internals that are critical to understanding the core tradeoffs the language makes on readability, simplicity and performance.


  • Studied CS in school or has a minimum of two years of experience programming full time professionally.
  • Familiar with structural and object oriented programming styles.
  • Has worked with arrays, lists, queues and stacks.
  • Understands processes, threads and synchronization at a high level.
  • Operating Systems
    • Has worked with a command shell.
    • Knows how to maneuver around the file system.
    • Understands what environment variables are.
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