Basic to Advance Training on Microsoft Power BI - Part2 of 2

Udemy Basic to Advance Training on Microsoft Power BI - Part2 of 2

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PowerBI Complete training

What you'll learn
  • After completing the Part1, this is part2 and it educates you everything about BI Desktop and BI Service which is a cloud service.
  • Making a powerful and interactive Dashboard in BI Desktop
  • Data Modelling deep study. Every kind of relationship is discussed. One to one, one to many and many to many.
  • Giving direction to a data using cardinalities. Both directions and single direction. Projects are used in examples
  • How to publish BI Desktop report to BI service.
  • How to create an account in BI Service with Introduction of BI Service
  • BI Free and Licensed versions. Their advantages and disadvantages over one another.
  • BI Service workspaces, By default plus user created workspaces. Difference between them.
  • What is a gateway and what is it role along-with refresh schedule.
  • How to access dashboards via mobile app stores.
  • BI Service dashboards, datasets, reports - introduction to difference between each of them
  • How to share and give access dashboards and workspaces with other users.
  • How to set up row level security in your data to prevent users from viewing different reports.
  • How to create Apps in BI Service

  • You should have seen Part1 of this course as it is in continuation to previous one.

  • This part2 is in continuation to the part1 and in this final part we are finishing the BI Desktop and BI Service with every minute feature discussed.
  • Do you want to learn how to take BI desktop reports into Cloud service , Power BI Service.
  • How to work with other team mates who can read or edit your reports and you don't have to email.
  • How to link local excel files or files shared on server with BI service.
  • How to prevent or put data restrictions on users so they can not see other reports.
  • What is a difference between datasets, dashboards, reports in BI service.
  • Learn how we have made a incredible dashboard - Sales Dashboard
  • Types of relationships - Data Modelling - One to one , One to many, many to many
  • Types of Cardinality. - Single direction and both directions
Who this course is for:
  • Business Analysts , Excel Users and MIS analysts and IT users
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