Build Internet of Things (IoT) with ESP8266 and Micropython

Udemy Build Internet of Things (IoT) with ESP8266 and Micropython

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Build projects with ESP8266, NODEMCU, wifi module, Micropython, Home Automation, Sensors, IoT Cloud (ThingSpeak) & IFTTT

What you'll learn
  • ESP8266 (NODEMCU)
  • Micropython
  • Internet of Things
  • Integrate ESP8266, Sensor, Device Software (Written in Micropython), IoT Cloud, ThingSpeak, IFTTT and mobile phone
  • Calls you phone when an intruder is detected using a motion sensor installed at a remote place (Home / office or anywhere)

  • Be able to understand logical operations like AND, OR, XOR etc

In this course, we will develop a Security System with the Internet of Things Technology. Complete hands-on, Learning by doing experience.
Key Take-Aways from Course
  • ESP8266 wifi Module
  • Python Fundamentals
  • Micropython
  • ThingSpeak by Mathworks
  • PIR Sensor (Motion Sensor)
  • Home Automation by implementing Security System
At the end of the course, you will be able to interface sensors with IoT devices and IoT Cloud.
You will be to use Channel, React, ThingHTTP services from ThingSpeak cloud.
I will be teaching this course using ThingSpeak Cloud Platform from Mathworks and IFTTT
We will learn to program IoT Devices using Micropython (not Arduino) Programming Language.
Together we will go deep inside of IoT product design by developing an IoT Application end to end.
Implement this story in this course
A guy name Alex left for the office, and his home was all alone, He was working happily at his workplace.
At the same time, a thief name "P" is looking for the next target and He found an empty house and Obsoiulsy this house belongs to Alex {No Suspense, I am not good in making stories :) :) }
Let's Move Forward......

So, "P" enters and start picking things.
At the same time.... Alex's phone Starts Ringing.......... (Alex is at the office)
Alex Picked Up the phone a voice message is Played,
"Alert... Alert...., Alert...., Somebody is there in the house".
Alex calls the cops and cops visit Alex's house and "P" got caught.
Alex's home is safe, Nothing was stolen.
Who is the Hero here ???
How it all happened??
Yes, you are right, "Internet of Things", with Motion Detection sensor, ESP8266 (NODEMCU) and Cloud.
Let's Learn this technology by implementing this project.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner curious to develop IoT projects and deploy them to cloud
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