BuildNextShop - Shopify + Next js + Tailwind CSS: Modern Ecommerce

BuildNextShop - Shopify + Next js + Tailwind CSS: Modern Ecommerce

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Learn how to build blazing fast online storefronts used by the top brands today.​

Learn the latest tech stack
Get a quick start with the latest tech stack that is in demand with the top brands and largest technology companies today.

We take advantage of the Shopify Storefront API (GraphQL) to get a robust, lightning fast checkout system out of the box. No extra set up needed.

Next.js is the React framework of choice for some of the largest companies in the world. It allows of effortless hybrid and server side rendering on the fly. The result is insanely fast page load times.

Tailwind CSS
Tailwind CSS allows us to build modern websites without ever needing to touch our CSS file. It is a utility-first CSS framework used by some of the top designers and developers in the industry.

By leveraging the GraphQL query language, we are able to fully leverage the Shopify Storefront API and build with read speed. By using the GraphQL explorer, we can see exactly what data we will be working with.

Shipping production level projects to Vercel is as easy as a push of a button. You will learn how to efficiently configure Vercel for quick deployments

What we will be building​

Having a snappy website is becoming increasing important for eCommerce stores. In this course we use all the latest technologies to bring a modern shopping experience to the customer. This is done through the use of Next.js, Tailwind CSS, and the Shopify Storefront API. When compared, it is easy to see the difference between what we will be building when compared to an older eCommerce store.
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