Coding Interview Bootcamp: Algorithms (Java, Python, C++)

Udemy Coding Interview Bootcamp: Algorithms (Java, Python, C++)

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Get ready in a Month + Help from Google/Facebook Interviewer with 1000+ coding questions experience

What you'll learn
  • Systematically prepare coding interview
  • Proficient in important data structures/algorithms
  • Be ready for majority of tech companies interview

  • Any one of programming languages

-- This course will help you systematically prepare for a coding interview in a short amount of time(Questions Classification + Solution Templates + Coding Style)
-- The price for this course is relatively low. Because this course is aimed to help people get an offer during the pandemic
-- You will know the key algorithms/date structures for most tech companies coding interview
-- You will know what kind of questions you must practice and what questions you can ignore.
-- You will know how will your interviewer rate your performance (I have interviewed more than 100 candidates).
-- In each chapter, we will cover 10 - 15 questions in our videos. During our class, I will pick one of the most popular languages Java as our sample solution to the questions. In addition, I will also share all solutions to those questions in Python and C++. Language is not important, our logic and our algorithms are more critical.
-- I will also share the link to questions on LeetCode so that you can practice by yourself.
-- At the end of each chapter, there are some reading materials. Please read them carefully, they will help you build a deeper understanding of our coding questions.
Who this course is for:
  • College Student, Junior or Senior Software Engineers who want to find a new job in a short amount of time
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