Complete Bootstrap 4 - build 5 modern projects

Udemy Complete Bootstrap 4 - build 5 modern projects

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Bootstrap 4 with modern trends in web development. Design mobile optimized projects and master bootstrap 4

What you'll learn
  • Learn to design 5 modern web pages
  • Learn to use Bootstrap in any web project
  • develop websites for multiple sceens
  • Learn to read bootstrap docs and use them
  • Design responsive web pages

  • Basics of HTML and CSS is required. No need to be expert in CSS

Welcome to a course on Bootstrap 4.

Most important thing is that Bootstrap 4 is not dependent in any other version of bootstrap. So you can start learning bootstrap 4 without knowledge of any other version. Learning bootstrap is easy as their documentation is one of the best documentation available online. But the difficult part is to learn bootstrap and be able to develop projects that look modern and are responsive.

To resolve this major issues, we will be creating 5 completely different projects by using bootstrap 4 knowledge. These projects will not only help you in learning bootstrap but will also act as your portfolio while applying for jobs as a front end developer or full stack developer. One of the major reason that people love bootstrap so much is that everything looks so great right out of the box. Most of the components don’t require much CSS work. So if you think that you are not that much great in CSS, bootstrap is for you.

If you know CSS a little, you can take bootstrap projects to next level.
I will walk you through with bootstrap basics, installation and usage for projects. Bootstrap is super easy to integrate and you will be using bootstrap in no time. One of the big myth is that all bootstrap projects looks the same. That is because most people don’t change anything default in bootstrap. In this course, I. Will walk you to edit CSS in bootstrap projects and make them customized.
This is a very simple course that can be mastered within a week or so. All exercise files, graphic assets and some of my custom clicked amazing photos also comes with this course.

Check the promo video to see all the projects that we will be building in this course.
Catch you inside the course!
Who this course is for:
  • Beginners in web development
  • Beginners, just after HTML and CSS
  • One who wants to improve web development skills
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