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Create a choose your own adventure game in PowerPoint

What you'll learn
  • Lear to create a choose your own adventure game in PowerPoint
  • Learn to draw characters and backgrounds using Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Learn how to create action buttons to link buttons to different actions
  • Learn to create player choices in your game
  • Learn how to use photos for actors and backgrounds in your game
  • Learn how to effectively remove backgrounds from photos of your actors to put anyone in your created game

  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Access to a computer

Ever wanted to create you own game without expensive software?
Ever wanted to create a game without the steep learning curve and difficult to learn coding?
Did you love those choose your own adventure novels as a kid (I did) and want to make your very own for the new decade?

Then this is the course for you! Learn to create an adventure game using nothing but basic PowerPoint, a software that is readily available on just about every windows computer at home, school, office and the library.
We will go through the basics for beginners and work our way up to more advanced techniques.
Learn how to: create clickable menus, action buttons, triggers, animation, create a branching story line, basic flat design drawing for backgrounds and characters, inserting written dialogue, insert audio dialogue to make your characters talk.
Included resource starter packs for making a Ruby Doo mystery game and a Barry Potta dating sim.
Who this course is for:
  • Writers that want to tell their story in a unique way
  • PowerPoint Enthusiasts
  • Beginner Game Developers
  • Educators
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