Data Structures and Algorithms: In Depth using Java

Udemy Data Structures and Algorithms: In Depth using Java

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Linked List, Stacks, Queues, Binary Trees, Binary Search Trees, Hashing, Heaps, Graphs, Sorting and Searching

What you'll learn
  • Understand Complexity of Algorithms ie Time and Space they take at runtime
  • Learn and compare Algorithms used in Searching and Sorting
  • Learn different Data Structures and how to use them in applications
  • Learn how to Code and Implement various data structures and algorithms in Java

  • Some prior programming experience is required in any programming language
  • Basic knowledge of Java is needed
  • Software required for this course is open-source and freely available, and we will go through the steps of downloading and installing it.
  • This course is created on windows, but users on other platforms such as MasOS or Linux can comfortably use the required tools and have the same programing experience

This course will help you in better understanding of the basics of Data Structures and how algorithms are implemented in Java programming language. This course consists of lectures on data structures and algorithms which covers the computer science theory + implementation of data structures in Java. This course will also help students to face interviews confidently at the top technology companies. This course is like having personal tutors to teach you about data structures and algorithms.

There’s tons of concepts and content in this course. To begin the course:
  • We have a discussion of why we need data structures and why we need to learn Algorithms
  • Then we move on to discuss Analysis of Algorithms ie Time and Space complexity, though the Asymptotic Notation ie Big O, Omega and Theta are taken up at the end of this course so that you do not get confused and concentrate on understanding the concepts of data structures.
  • We have a programming environment setup to make sure you have all the software you need in order to get the hands-on experience in implementing Data structures and Algorithms in Java.
Then we get to the essence of the course; algorithms and data structures. Each of the specific algorithms and data structures is divided into two sections. Theory lectures and implementation of those concepts in Java. We then move on to learn:
  1. Analysis of Algorithms
  2. Recursion
  3. Searching Algorithms
  4. Sorting Algorithms
  5. Linked List
  6. Stacks
  7. Queues & Deques
  8. Trees, Binary Trees & Binary Search Trees
  9. Balanced Search Trees
  10. Heaps
  11. Hashing
  12. Graphs & Graph Traversal Algorithms (Breadth-First Search & Depth First Search)
Again, each of these sections includes theory lectures covering Data structures & their Abstract Data Types and Algorithms. Plus the implementation of these topics in Java.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn Data Structures and Algorithms using Java
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