Dave Ceddia - Pure Redux Complete

Dave Ceddia - Pure Redux Complete

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The normal state of React is simple. You call setState, the component is re-rendered, and ... that's all. This applies to one component. No jumping between files. Easy. Redux is a very different beast.

You must create a Store. You have to write a reducer. Maybe add middleware (don't forget to compile it!). Wrap your application in a provider. Connect certain components (but not all!). Submit "actions" that don't seem to do anything ...

Oh, you just wanted to make an HTTP call? For this you need to install redux-thunk. Or redux-saga It really depends on you. Have fun solving it all!

As most of the tutorials show, every little addition requires a crazy dance between 4 different files.

And Redux is very popular. By some estimates, 50-60% of React apps use this thing. How did they all figure it out?

Most tutorials just add confusion

There are an almost endless number of React-Redux tutorials, but most of them just tell you what to print without telling you why.

In the end, you are left with a tangled mess that you barely understand. And knowledge, like a mirage, disappears as soon as you look away. Then you will be back to where you started.

After all the tutorials, you still can't create real apps with Redux and React.

How many more hours will it take to break out of the cycle?

Break the cycle

What if you could finally create React + Redux apps yourself? Arrange the pieces in your head - orderly and simple - and then just put the code together like Lego.

You could enjoy creating a great product and contribute significantly to your team. Starting with something you understand - simple React - you can build on this foundation to gradually learn Redux. One concept at a time.

An easier way to learn Redux.

You can be productive with Redux and React, and this video course will help you with that.

You will get practice by creating an application in React and then refactoring it to use Redux. This will give you the basics.

Then we'll walk through building a larger app using all the skills you've learned and practiced (plus a few new ones). Step by step, we build the application from scratch.

Exercise helps the concept

There are built-in exercises to help you remember what you are learning. This is not a copy, paste, watch it run tutorial.

And, as someone who likes to know why things work the way they work, I took the time to explain the reasons for these concepts.

Complex videos, easy to digest

In 43 video tutorials (about 4.5 hours), you will learn all the basic concepts and also learn how to use them in a React application.

All videos are less than 12 minutes long and the average length is about 5 minutes. Get it, learn something, get out.

I edited the videos to make them rich in information and at the same time maintain a good pace.

The course is broken down into small pieces, and each concept is presented in a simple, not intimidating way.


  • 2 modules + React Context for State Management course
  • Redux basics
  • Build your app from start to finish
  • Selectors, Authentication, Routing
  • 43 video
  • 13 exercises
  • Code for each lesson
  • Bonus! React Context for State Management course
  • Learn to manage state in two ways:
    • with and without Redux
  • Use Context Consumer and Provider for simple data transfer
  • Find out the contextType and the useContext hook
  • Learn to test Context-based components
  • 5 hours of targeted lessons
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