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Design With KiCad

Udemy Design With KiCad

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Quick, systematic, and complete course to learn KiCad for your PCB design.

What you'll learn
  • Using KiCad for Printed Circuit Board design.
  • Starting from schematics to the ready to manufacture designs.
  • Using the schematics editor and the PCB Layout Editor for generating ready to manufacture designs.
  • Using Electrical Rule Checker(ERC) and Design Rule Checker (DRC)
  • General Idea about PCB types.
  • Calculating tracks widths and spacing using KiCad Calculator.
  • PCB design beyond connoting pads and tracks.
  • BOM generation and sending designs to manufacturers and a look at the manufactured boards.
  • 3D View of the project and exporting to 3D design software
  • Course ends with two real projects.

  • Students should know basics of electronics

This course will teach you in a systematic way how to use KiCad for your Printed Circuit Board design, it will take you from not knowing the software to making a development board at the final project without overwhelming you with a large number of hours of videos to watch.
The approach is to teach you the software through creating a simple project and continuing it in every following section in the workflow to create the final design.
The course ends with a project to create REV1 of a motor controller board, then you will be asked to create REV2 of it.
The last project will be creating a development board with the guidance of the videos and lectures text in the final section.

Who this course is for:
  • Electronics hobbyists, electrical and electronics engineering students, engineers, and whoever is interested in creating Printed Circuit Boards
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