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Master the Basics for DevOps & Cloud computing foundation. Learn Linux, Vagrant, AWS, Git, Docker, Maven, Bash & Python

What you'll learn​

  • Build Foundation for DevOps Career
  • Set Solid Background for Cloud Computing Career
  • Decide right learning path and career path for yourself ahead
  • Best starting course for Non IT personnel


  • Basic Computer Knowledge


This Course will Provide a strong foundation to Build DevOps or Cloud Computing Career ahead.
Many people struggle while learning DevOps & Cloud Computing. The Reason behind could be as below

  • Lack of Infrastructure Knowledge
  • New to Cloud Computing
  • No or less skilled in Scripting
This Course covers these three most important skills in IT Industry.

  • Welcome
  • How, What & Why
  • Course Structure

Virtual Machine Setup
  • What is Virtualization
  • Set Virtual Machine Manually
  • VM-Automatically


  • Introduction to Linux
  • Commands and File systems
  • More Commands ( mkdir , cp, mv, touch etc)
  • Vim editor
  • File Types
  • Filters
  • Redirections
  • Users and Groups
  • File permissions
  • Sudo
  • Package Management
  • Services
  • Processes
  • Archiving
  • Ubuntu commands

  • Vagrant IP , RAM & CPU
  • Vagrnat sync directories
  • Provisioning
  • Multi VM Vagrantfile

Bash Scripting
  • Introduction
  • VMSetup
  • FirstScript
  • Sample Script
  • Variables
  • Command line arguments
  • System Variables
  • Quotes
  • Command Substitution
  • Exporting Variables
  • User Input
  • Decision Making part1
  • Decision Making part2
  • Monitoring Script
  • Loops
  • While Loops
  • Remote Command Execution
  • SSH Key Exchange
  • Finale Part1
  • Finale Part2

Fundamentals of Networking
  • ISO
  • Understanding Networks & IP
  • Protocols, ports etc
  • Networking Commands

Cloud Computing with AWS
  • What is Cloud Computing
  • AWS Introduction
  • Ec2
  • EC2 Demo
  • EBS
  • EBS Demo
  • ELB
  • ELB Demo
  • Cloudwatch
  • Cloudwatch Demo
  • RDS
  • RDS Demo

  • Introduction
  • Versioning
  • Branches & More
  • Rollback
  • Git Ssh Login

  • Introduction
  • Demo

  • Introduction
  • Python on Linux, Versions & Indentation
  • Quotes And Comments
  • Variables
  • Print Format
  • Slicing
  • Operators
  • Conditions
  • Loops
  • Break & Continue
  • Built-in Functions Or Method
  • Functions part - 1
  • Functions part - 2
  • Modules

  • Introduction
  • Docker Setup
  • Docker commands & concepts
  • Docker volumes
  • Building Images

There are many people around the world who decide to switch their career in IT, in the field of DevOps, Cloud Computing or other fields.
But most of them will quit in the very beginning.
The reason is the steep learning curve they face, many technologies & jargons will throw them off the track.
This is all because of their background or past experience.
With just the right amount of basic knowledge these people can do wonders.
I have done this several times in my Training career. I have trained many people from different backgrounds just for a sample of people who were chef, in mining, artists, Shipping industry and also Developer, Testers etc.
So I know for sure your background does not matter, it's just that the right foundation needs to be laid and a proper amount of practice with that.
You will later do wonders in the IT industry.
So go ahead and rock your world.

Who this course is for:​

  • Beginners in DevOps, Cloud Computing or IT industry
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