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A complete guide to learning the fundamentals of Digital Logic design

What you'll learn
  • Basic fundamentals of digital logic circuits and logic design
  • Base Number Systems common in digital circuits and computer systems
  • Binary Arithmetic
  • Digital Logic Gates fundamentals
  • Boolean Algebra & Expressions to derive and simplify digital logic circuits
  • Karnaugh Maps to simplify logic circuits
  • Advanced Logic Design including: Arithmetic Logic Circuits, Sequential Circuits, Memories & more advanced design concepts.
This course aims to teach students the fundamentals of digital logic design. Starting from learning the basic concepts of the different base number systems, to basic logic elements and deriving logical expressions to further optimize a circuit diagram, this all encompassing course teaches students everything they need to not only evaluate different combinational logic designs, but also design their own digital circuits given different parameters.
Each section is dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of digital logic circuits, and builds upon the previous sections to add more value to what is being learned. The course contains material on: Base Number systems, Base conversions, Digital Logic gates, Boolean Algebra and Principles, Boolean Expression simplification, Karnaugh Maps (or K-Maps) as well as more advanced concepts of Combinatorial Circuits including: Encoders, Decoder, Multiplexers, DeMultiplexers, Adders, Sequential Circuits and more!
Quizzes will be administered at the end of each Section to test the student's knowledge of the skills learned for that appropriate section.
After completing this course, the student will have a fundamental understanding of digital logic circuits, from the fundamentals of binary representations of digital circuits, to extracting Boolean expressions, using minimization techniques to further optimize circuits, as well as designing their own digital logic circuits.

Who this course is for:
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Computer Science or Engineers
  • Hobbyists who would like to learn design digital circuits or circuit board design
  • Robotics enthusiasts
  • Engineering or Technical Managers wanting to learn basic concepts of Digital Design
  • Anyone interested and desiring learning more about Digital Electronic Circuit Theory & Design
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