Duckademy - Mastering SQL injection

Duckademy - Mastering SQL injection

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Do you want to know SQL injection inside out?

Though SQL injection is not a new hacking technique, it still remains an alarming threat to a great proportion of web applications, so every good ethical hackers should know it in depth.

The main goal of this training is to guide you through the penetration testing of web applications that use databases, from basic to expert level. You will get in-depth coverage of all the techniques, not just the basics found everywhere on the internet. In addition to learning the usage of the most popular and usable automated tools, you will also learn to manually test the applications so you understand the vulnerabilities and the techniques to take advantage of them.

You will learn how to find error based, union based and blind SQL injection vulnerabilities, how to fetch data from the database, how to evade filters and web application firewalls, how to fetch files from the operating system or write files out with the help of SQL injection.

Join our course today and start learning SQL injection in a profound way.

Recommended for
For penetration testers who need to know and understand SQL injection techniques in depth and what happens under the hood when using automated tools for web application testing. Also recommended for system and security administrators who need to administer and defend web applications and systems. It can be useful for web application developers to get to know the techniques hackers use to attack their web applications.

Basic knowledge in networking and HTML, understand and write SQL queries.

Technical requirements
- 50GB of free hard drive
- Virtualization software (e.g.: VirtualBox, VMware)

Acquired skills
You will be able to test web applications against SQL injections with and without automated tools. The in-depth knowledge you acquire during the course will enable you to stand out from the masses as a real ethical hacker, instead of just using automated tools without understanding what is happening.
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