[Ebook] ByteByteGo - System Design Interview by Alex Xu

[Ebook] ByteByteGo - System Design Interview by Alex Xu

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System Design Interview - An Insider's Guide (Volume 2)

This book can be seen as a sequel to the book: System Design Interview - An Insider’s Guide. It covers a different set of system design interview questions and solutions. Although reading Volume 1 is helpful, it is not required. This book should be accessible to readers who have a basic understanding of distributed systems.

This volume provides a reliable strategy and knowledge base for approaching a broad range of system design questions that you may encounter. It will help you feel confident during this important interview. This book provides a step-by-step framework for how to tackle a system design question. It also includes many real-world examples to illustrate a systematic approach, with detailed and well-explained steps you can follow.

What’s inside?
  • An insider’s take on what interviewers really look for and why.
  • A 4-step framework for solving any system design interview question.
  • 13 real system design interview questions with detailed solutions.
  • 300+ diagrams to visually explain how different systems work.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Proximity Service
Chapter 2: Nearby Friends
Chapter 3: Google Maps
Chapter 4: Distributed Message Queue
Chapter 5: Metrics Monitoring
Chapter 6: Ad Click Event Aggregation
Chapter 7: Hotel Reservation
Chapter 8: Distributed Email Service
Chapter 9: S3-like Object Storage
Chapter 10: Real-time Gaming Leaderboard
Chapter 11: Payment System
Chapter 12: Digital Wallet
Chapter 13: Stock Exchange

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