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[Ebook] Practical UI - User Interface Design Book

[Ebook] Practical UI - User Interface Design Book

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Learn a logic-driven approach to design intuitive, accessible, and beautiful interfaces using quick and practical guidelines.

Don't just move stuff around until it looks pretty​

User interface design is hard. Having endless design possibilities sounds great in theory, but in practice, it can be frustrating and time consuming.
With so many options to choose from regarding layout, spacing, typography, and colour, making design decisions can be overwhelming. When you add usability, accessibility, and psychology to the mix, it gets even harder.
Luckily, UI design doesn’t have to be so hard. Over the years, I’ve realised that most of my visual and interaction design decisions are governed by a system of logical rules. Not artistic flair or magical intuition, just simple rules.
Sure, artistic talent helps, but a lot of what makes up an intuitive, accessible, and beautiful interface design can be learned. Having a system of logical rules helps you efficiently make informed design decisions. Without a logical system, you’re just using gut feeling to move stuff around until it looks pretty.
I love rules and logic, but design decisions are rarely black and white. Rather than strict rules that you must follow, think of the advice in this book as helpful guidelines that work well in most cases.
I wish I’d known these guidelines when I first started out. They’re a culmination of nearly 2 decades working as a product designer on products used by millions of people. My hope is that they’ll help you gain years of experience in a matter of hours.
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Thank you for these resources, this ebook is very good material I saw it on the free trial so I gave it 5 stars.
I appreciate this resource. thank you!
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