- Matplotlib for Python: Visually Represent Data with Plots - Matplotlib for Python: Visually Represent Data with Plots

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For data science, Matplotlib is one of the most popular tools for representing data in a visual manner. There are many other tools, but for the Python user, Matplotlib is a must-know. In this course, you will learn how to visually represent data in several different ways. You will learn how to use figures and axes to plot a chart, as well as how to plot from multiple types of objects and modules. You will also discover ways to control the spine of an axes and how to create complex layouts for a figure using GridSpec so you can create visually stunning charts. In the latter half of the course, you will focus on how to draw various types of plots, whether it be a line plot, a stem plot, or a heatmap plot. Overall, this is your no-fuss introduction to creating impactful data charts. By the end, you will have an important new skill to add to your resume. As any data scientist knows, it is necessary that you be able to show insights found from analyzing data.
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