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ESP8266 for absolute beginner - Arduino alternative 2020

Udemy ESP8266 for absolute beginner - Arduino alternative 2020

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Build IoT web application, LCD pattern, Physical Input, GPIO Interfacing, firmware Installation, ESP12E, NodeMCU & more

What you'll learn
  • Build your own IoT dashboard and control any home appliances remotely
  • Get to know the principle of LCD and generate animated pattern of your choice
  • Understand the fundamentals of LUA programming and powerful C++ language
  • Detailed knowledge of various IDE for communicating with NodeMCU
  • Build your own prototype with minimal expenses

  • Basic knowledge of any programming language

Please Note:- Course content last updated on 17 November 2020.
Why should I take this course?
This is not just an online course but also covers one business day resolution to all your queries. We have a separate technical support team that is always active to help you whenever you are stuck.

Welcome to the course “ESP8266 for absolute beginner - Arduino alternative 2020 ” Before choosing any development board you will look for three things, the first thing would be, how easily you can connect the sensors and actuators. Secondly, for IoT project implementation, the device should be accessed and controlled remotely. And, finally, it should be portable, inexpensive and readily available.
Over the past few years, you might have heard about the popular boards such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Beagle bone black etc. These boards will fulfill all your requirements for your embedded systems project but are costly as well as bigger in size. The idea is to use a board which is tiny and can be embedded anywhere for rapid deployment.
In this course, I will cover in detail about NodeMCU and how to set up step by step. After successful installation, you will learn how to flash the latest version of the firmware and get started. We will begin with Lua programming and complete two basic projects to understand the programming flow and the working process. Lua is a powerful and fast programming language that is easy to learn and use and to embed into your application. Lua is designed to be a lightweight embeddable scripting language.
Upon successful completion of the above project. I will also teach you how to configure and use NodeMCU with the most popular and widely used Arduino IDE and program it using C++. Using the Arduino IDE, we will code and complete two different projects. In the first project, you will learn how to make various patterns animated graphics and execute it on the LCD.
In the second project, we will harness the power of NodeMCU by building a fully functional webserver to remotely control AC appliance. We will not use any third-party app to access the web services; rather we will use web scripting language to code the webpage and the backend server.
I will also share the source code so that you can replicate the project by yourself. All technical queries will be answered within one business day. I look forward to you joining the course.
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to develop a real time web application project to control AC appliances remotely
  • Anyone who wants to step into the world of IoT with zero knowledge
  • Anyone who wants to explore the field of Embedded Systems with the cheap and the best development board available in the market
  • Anyone who is searching for the alternative of Arduino and wants to starts with on-board WIFI system on a chip
  • The course is also meant for non technical guys, who have zero knowledge of programming and wants to step into the world of Embedded systems
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