FrontendMasters - Advanced Remix [Kent C. Dodds]

FrontendMasters FrontendMasters - Advanced Remix [Kent C. Dodds]

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Some Key Takeaways!​

By participating along with us in the workshop, you'll learn:

  • Mutations Mental Model – Understand how mutations work and how Remix helps you manage them.
  • Skip busy spinners when you can – Use "Optimistic UI" to make your UI snappier and how to handle errors.
  • Build server-intelligent UI components – Make reusable components that manage that server component as well.
  • Create app-level navigation indicators – Give the user feedback and a smooth experience as they navigate around your app.
  • Accessibility with a focus on focus – Use hooks Remix gives you combined with useEffect to help get the user's focus where it needs to be.

Workshop Details​

Remix is a terrific tool for building simple websites, and it's even better for building complex web applications.

What makes Remix unique is the mental model is the same regardless of whether you're building a simple website on your own or a complex business web application with teams of developers. And it does this with a lightweight abstraction on top of the web platform APIs. Remix scales down to simple stuff and up to complex things.

It's the complex stuff we will be talking about in this workshop. Remix will ensure that you can keep things as declarative as possible and keep your app bug-free. And to make it even better, you can ship something simple that works well to start and iterate to the more complex solution without having to rearchitect everything because the mental model remains the same.
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