FrontendMasters - Machine Learning in JS

FrontendMasters - Machine Learning in JS

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Workshop Details​

By the end of this course, developers will have a deeper understanding of machine learning, what is currently possible in JavaScript, and create 3 projects exploring TensorFlow.js features.

Any Prerequisites?​

  • No prior knowledge of machine learning needed
  • Basic front-end knowledge and understanding of JavaScript (syntax, data structures, working with APIs)
  • Any operating system and code editor should do
  • Key Takeaways​

    By participating along with us in the workshop, you'll learn:
    • Machine Learning Fundamentals
    • Use pre-trained models and understand transfer learning
    • Create projects with image and audio recognition
    • Create custom models and split training data between training and testing sets

    Is This Workshop for Me?​

    Front-end developers with a basic understanding of JavaScript, who would like to expand their knowledge of what is possible to do with front-end technologies, and who would like to learn more about machine learning while using a programming language they’re already familiar with.
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