Fundamental Market Analysis with Python

Udemy Fundamental Market Analysis with Python

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Find Your Own Answers On What Is Going on in the Financial Markets

What you'll learn
  • Learn how to analyze the stock market and answer your own questions
  • Find the right data sources to help you answer fundamental market questions
  • Know where to find reliable and free data sets to answer your market questions
  • Use Python and Jupyter notebooks to prepare, explore, and chart data

  • You will need basic knowledge of Python, Jupyter notebooks, a bit of Pandas and Numpys.
  • An interest in answering your own fundamental market analysis questions

This course covers the critical fundamental indicators to help navigate the financial markets and answer your own questions without relying on the opinion of others. Learn to find your way around the chaotic world of the financial markets.

Whether you are a trader, a financial analyst, a data scientist, or just a curious person that wants to be informed, this class is for you. I will show you where to get free and reliable data, how to analyze and plot that data using Python and Jupyter notebooks (I do expect you to know a little python).

We’ll start with the S&P 500, my favorite index and the world’s economic barometer. This powerful and telling index comprise some 80% of all equity market value in the United States and 30% of its revenue comes from outside the US. If you only have time for one fundamental indicator - this is the one! We’ll continue by exploring the VIX, the Yield Curve, The Case-Shiller Home Price Index, the CPI, PMI, BCI and much more.

Here is a sample of the lectures (all lectures with code come with a link to download the Jupyter notebook).

  • S&P 500 - Economic Barometer of the World
  • VIX - The Fear Index
  • Market Movements
  • Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Inflation
  • Real Estate - Case-Shiller Index, CPPI, VNQ
  • Unemployment and the Labor Pool
  • Bankruptcies
  • Oil & Gold Decoupling
  • Bitcoin
  • Yield/Inverted Yield Curve
  • Dividends, Dividend Yield
  • Business Confidence Index (BCI)
  • Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI)
  • Retail Numbers
  • Custom Indexes
  • Bogleheads Investments
  • COT - Commitment of Traders
  • Candlestick Charting
  • Background Coloring
  • RSI - Relative Strength Index
  • MACD - Moving Average Convergence/Divergence
  • OBV - On-Balance Volume Technical Indicator
  • ROC - Rate of Change
  • ...
Who this course is for:
  • This is for people looking to answer their own questions about the stock market, the economy, real estate, etc.
  • Those who like the flexibility and power of Python to explore and answer questions wherever imagination takes us
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