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Get Rid of your Accent Part Two

Udemy Get Rid of your Accent Part Two

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Fluent English Speech Patterns

What you'll learn
  • Video instructions and demonstrations with Linda James, a top British speech tutor and her student Olga Smith
  • Useful insights from Olga Smith about difficulties with fluent English and explanations how to overcome them
  • Pronunciation rules to make your speech grammatically correct
  • Rules for pronunciation of difficult word endings [s-z], [t-d] and [Id]
  • How to use connected speech patterns to sound fluent in English
  • Stressed and unstressed words in a sentence
  • Sentence stress and intonation
  • Muscular and articulation exercises speak with

  • Functional knowledge of English

Do you want to sound fluent in English and more like a native English speaker? Is your speech a bit monotonous? Then this course is for you. After you mastered all English sounds in our Get Rid of your Accent Part One course, you can take it to the next level. In this course we demonstrate to you what you need to do to sound fluent and natural.
This course is based on more than 25 years of teaching experience. We have been helping hundreds of people to get rid of their accents and become confident communicators. All our courses, books and apps are very practical and to the point, they are focused and contain 10% of theory and 90% of practice.
This course teachers you how to speak without fluently in English and more like a native speaker.
Content of the course
This course consists of 6 private video lessons and three lectures. Linda James, one of the top speech tutors in the UK with over 25 years of experience explains and demonstrates how to sound more fluent in English. Linda offers very effective exercises for her student, Olga Smith. Olga highlights to Linda main difficulties that non native speakers of English have.
This video course is designed to support our existing products: the bestselling book "Get Rid of your Accent Part Two, Advanced Level" and the app "Fluent English Speech".

The main benefits of this course to students
1. You will learn essential rules to sound fluent in English.
2. You will learn pronunciation rules that make your speech grammatically correct.
3. The course is adapted for smartphones, tablets, and computers, allowing you to study at any time, anywhere.
5. If you are taking private lessons, the course makes your lessons more effective and helps you to save money on a number of lessons you take.
Who this course is for:
  • Professionals, doctors, diplomats for whom a high standard of English and clarity of speech are important
  • People who want to sound fluent in English like native speakers
  • Pronunciation and speech teachers
  • EFL or ESL teachers
  • Public speakers and presenters
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