Getting Your Dream Job - The Complete Guide

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How to land any job you want using proven techniques, and make the whole process quick and enjoyable.

What you'll learn
  • How to get any job you want
  • The formula for the perfect, irresistible CV
  • The right mindset for the job interview
  • How to ace any job interview
  • Salary negotiation techniques
  • How to get noticed by employers and clients
  • Tips and tricks to succeed in your job search

  • None. Just an open mind and a willingness to learn :)

Looking for a job, or for gigs and clients, if you're a business owner or a freelance, can be a formidable process.
Following the COVID-19 pandemic, and the many layoffs that resulted, the situation became even worse.
A lot of job seekers find the whole process cumbersome, stressful, and scary, and it's becoming more and more difficult to actually land a job.
But it doesn't have to be that way.
Job search can, and should, be a short, enjoyable process.
And in this course I'll teach you exactly how to do that.
In this course, we'll go through the methodology I've been using for more than 15 years, which helped me land a lot of clients and gigs, and never failed me (except one case, which we'll discuss in this course).
This method, which until now I was teaching only in 1:1 sessions and now I've decided to convert to a digital course, will give you all the knowledge and tools you need to land any job you want.
In this comprehensive course, you'll learn:
- How to craft the perfect CV that no recruiter can ignore
- What is the right mindset you should adopt for the interview
- How to prepare for the interview
- What are the three parts of the interview and what's the goal of each one of them
- What exactly you should do in each part of the interview
- How to conduct a video interview
- How to negotiate the best salary
- How to make employers and clients chase you instead of the other way around
In addition, we'll discuss a lot of tips and tricks that will help you land your dream job.
For example:
- Did you know that the way you write your phone number can improve your chances?
- Did you know that the way you arrive at the interview has great effect on your success chances?
- Did you know that the last thing the interviewer is interested in, is you?
And lots and lots more...

I've been using this technique for more than 15 years, and it never failed me. In addition, I've been teaching it for a few years now, and my students' feedback is simply amazing.
Now, note: I'm not a coach / mentor / teacher. I'm a consultant (for Software Architecture, but it really doesn't matter), and that means that my livelihood depends on my ability to land new gigs and earn new clients. If I won't be able to do that - I'll go out of business in a matter of months. And exactly because of that - I've developed and perfected this methodology, which helped me make millions in the past years. In addition, as part of my job, I help companies with interviewing their candidates, which means I've interviewed hundreds of candidates, and been interviewed hundreds of times. I know how recruiters and interviewers think, and I know what they're looking for.
Note that in order to make the most out of this course, you have to forget everything you know about the job search process, and understand things are going to be different from now on.
For example:
- If in the interview you mainly answered questions asked by the interviewer - you're doing it wrong
- If you have only one CV - you're doing it wrong
- If you don't know the numbers in the company's latest quarterly report - you're doing it wrong
And that's just a tiny fraction of what we'll learn.

But that's not all...
At the end of this course, you'll be able to download the Getting Your Dream Job Checklist, a detailed, focused checklist that will take you through the whole process of the job search process. This checklist basically summarizes the content of this course, and I highly recommend using it before starting your own job search.
There is no other courses like this one. Built on actual experience with hundreds of interviews, and on proven record of more than 15 years, this is the only course that covers everything in the job search process, and gives you practical, actionable techniques to be used by you, helping you landing the job you always wanted.
So enroll now to this course, and be prepared to learn about the new world of job search, one that will help you land any job you want, and make the process a lot more enjoyable.

What do my students have to say about my courses?
"well done - The course was very practical" - Sam
"Good explanation on the topics covered, "Soft Skills" section is a great addition of topics" - Sergio
"[The course] given me the confidence to go out to the market and advertise myself as such [an Architect]" - Mathew
"Life Changing" - Arivazhagan
And lots more...

Who is this course for?
Basically, this course can benefit everyone.
If you're actively looking for a job - this course will tremendously help you.
If you plan to look for a job in the future - this course will prepare you for that
If you're a business owner or a freelance - this course will help you land new gigs and clients
Even if you don't plan to look for a new job - you can still benefit from this course, as it will teach you some important conversation techniques.
Note that it doesn't matter in what field you're working. Whether you're a software developer, a graphic designer, a copy editor, a lawyer - whatever you do - this course is for you.

What are the prerequisites for this course?
Well - there aren't any :)
Just come with an open mind a willingness to learn.
About Me
I've been in the software industry for more than 20 years, and a Software Architect for more than 17 years, working with a variety of clients - Fortune 100 enterprises, start-ups, govt. entities, defense, telco, banking, and lots more.
I'm an avid speaker and trainer, having trained thousands of students in various courses.
I love what I do, and my greatest passion (well, besides my family...) is designing modern, practical, and reliable systems for my clients, using the best possible architecture patterns.
I've had hundreds of clients in my career as a consultant, and I've got each and every one of them by using the techniques described in this course. And now you can too!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who's looking for a job
  • Business owners & freelances who are looking for new clients & gigs
  • Anyone who wants to be prepared for job search
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