GitLab CI: Pipelines, CI/CD and DevOps for Beginners

Udemy GitLab CI: Pipelines, CI/CD and DevOps for Beginners

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Learn GitLab CI / CD with Docker & DevOps: obtain valuable DevOps skills. Build pipelines.

What you'll learn
  • What is a pipeline
  • What is Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD) and Continuous Deployment (CD)
  • Automate your build, test & deployment with Gitlab CI
  • Learn industry "best practices" in building CI/CD pipelines
  • Demonstrate your understanding of building CI/CD pipelines to future employers
  • Automate your builds, tests, and deployments
  • Automatic deployments using AWS
  • Build pipelines with code quality checks, unit tests, API testing
  • Solve problems with hands-on assignments
  • Create Merge Requests and review code
  • Dynamic environments
  • Basic experience with Linux, Linux commands and using the terminal
  • Know how to work with Git (basics like configuring a repository locally, cloning, merge, commit, push)
  • Admin permissions that allow you to install additional tools (Node, npm, Docker, Virtualbox)
  • Optional: some basic experience with Docker will be a bonus
This course will teach you how to use Gitlab CI for your own projects. You will learn the basics of CI/CD and start building pipelines right from the first lecture.
Some highlights:
- have an overview of the Gitlab architecture
- create a simple pipeline
- learn the CI/CD practice by deploying a simple website
- use Docker images within Gitlab

This course will NOT make you a GitLab CI / DevOps expert
A lot of courses promise you will become an expert. Becoming an expert in any tool comes with time and hard work. It simply does not make sense to promise something like that. It will not be honest.
What I will try is to explain to you the basics and offer you enough practice opportunities so that you can apply what you learn easily in your own projects as well. I will show you how to build pipelines with Gitlab CI.

Who this course is for:
  • Software developers learning to build pipelines in order to test & deploy code
  • IT Professionals: Developers, Software Engineers, Application Architects, Infrastructure Architects, and Operations
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