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Go Syntax Explained (2)

Udemy Go Syntax Explained (2)

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Arrays and Slices Tutorial and Practicing Exercises

What you'll learn
  • Go arrays and slices fundamentals

  • This is an intermediate Go study course. Prior exposure to variables and basic functions is helpful.

This second volume in the Learning Go Series introduces ARRAYS and SLICES with many exercises and tips.
The course is designed for Go students of all levels and it stands on its own, but volume 1 is a recommended prerequisite.
Anyone taking this course should be somewhat familiar with the Golang playground, such as knowing about the main function and how to display data on screen with Println.
Here, we talk about and work with arrays and slices. No other syntax theory is covered.
This is a simple tutorial and to the point.
The sessions are designed for first time learners or for periodic review.
Note: This course only covers Arrays and Slices. No other data structure is discussed.

Who this course is for:
  • Go language students wanting to understand arrays and slices
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