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The course is designed to train HIPAA Compliance Officers, both for Business Associates and Healthcare Providers

What you'll learn
  • Describe the requirements of the HIPAA Privacy Rule and Security Rule, the HITECH Act and the Omnibus Final Rule
  • Explain the many changes that have occurred in both federal privacy regulations and the Health IT market since 2009
  • Demonstrate understanding of the regulations and special challenges that face Business Associates
  • Create a compliance program based on three fundamentals: the Security Risk Analysis, updated policies and procedures, and training
  • Secure a medical organization or Business Associate from data breaches
  • Prepare for a government audit or breach investigation by understanding the requirements and protocols of each
  • Implement new policies and procedures and other documentation, with an understanding of new federal requirements for documentation
  • Create a HIPAA awareness and training program
  • Demonstrate knowledge of regulatory complexity, including other federal laws and state privacy laws
  • Show a pragmatic understanding of how to protect data, whether as an IT specialist, practice manager, or compliance officer
  • Implement encryption to protect against data breaches
  • Demonstrate knowledge of PCI DSS, the industry requirement for protecting credit card data
  • Implement best practices for IT security for all members of the workforce

  • Students need no previous training in HIPAA or security to complete this course.

This course provides comprehensive training in health IT security for IT Professionals, Security Officers, and Medical Staff Managers. Detailed lessons describe every aspect of federal privacy compliance, including the HIPAA Privacy and Security rules, regulatory changes brought by the HITECH Act and Omnibus Final Rule of 2013, requirements for Business Associates, and more. Lessons also describe PCI DSS requirements for protecting payment card security, along with encryption strategies. The program is presented through self-paced online lessons, multimedia reviews, and assessments, culminating in a final exam.
Module titles within this course include:
* An Overview of HIPAA
* The HIPAA Privacy Rule
* The HIPAA Security Rule
* Business Associate Regulations
* The HITECH Act and Omnibus Final Rule of 2013
* HIPAA Data Breaches and Penalties
* HIPAA Audits and Enforcement
* HIPAA Policies, Procedures, Awareness, and Training
* Compliance with Multiple Regulations
* Security Responsibilities for IT Managers and Privacy Officers
* Applied HIPAA Security for Healthcare Professionals
* An Introduction to Credit Card Security
* Understanding Payment Cards
* Best Practices for Payment Card Security
* Encryption for Healthcare Enviroments
* Why Protecting Healthcare Data is Important
Average course length: 8 hours
Who this course is for:
  • This HIPAA course is meant for Business Associates, IT staff, doctors, administrators, and other staff who must help to ensure the compliance of their organization.
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