Hypnotic Storytelling: How To Tell Stories That Heal

Udemy Hypnotic Storytelling: How To Tell Stories That Heal

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How To Craft Ericksonian Hypnosis Stories | Learn How Hypnotic Storytelling Connects On A Deep Level To Transform Lives

What you'll learn
  • Identify metaphors and information from clients which can be used to form therapeutic stories and metaphors to help clients overcome their presenting problem

  • Access to a computer for using the Hypnotherapy Training Tool
  • Beginner level understanding of using a computer

This course teaches how to do Ericksonian hypnotic storytelling, crafting therapeutic, hypnotic stories. Most people don't notice how prevalent metaphor use is when we communicate. In therapy or coaching clients will be communicating in metaphors to the therapist or coach. These metaphors and other information the client shares can be used to develop hypnotic healing stories which can be told to the client to help them move forward and overcome their problem.
The brain works largely by recognising patterns, this means that stories are one of the most powerful ways to help someone overcome their challenges as you can craft and tell stories which match the pattern of the clients problem and desired solution to help the client learn non-consciously what needs to be done to move forward from their situation.
In this course you will learn:
  • How to identify metaphors, patterns and content that clients share
  • How to use this information to create therapeutic stories and metaphors
  • My process for presenting stories and metaphors to clients that I find most effective
I also include in the course a free copy of my Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Training Tool which you can download and use to practice creating therapeutic stories for clients with various problems and a video of a client session taken from a training course where I demonstrate Ericksonian hypnotic storytelling therapy, gathering information, finding metaphors and content for my story before presenting my therapeutic story as the sole therapeutic intervention with this client. The demonstration includes the clients reaction which shows the impact this one therapeutic story had on them.
Who this course is for:
  • Counsellors, NLP Practitioners, Psychological Therapists, Life Coaches, Hypnotherapists interested in the use of storytelling and metaphors in therapy
  • Trainee Coaches, Counsellors, Hypnotherapists, Psychological Therapists interested in using storytelling and metaphors therapeutically
  • Anyone interested in learning about the how storytelling and metaphors can be used therapeutically
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