IELTS Speaking Pro | Speak confidently & easily on the IELTS

Udemy IELTS Speaking Pro | Speak confidently & easily on the IELTS

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IELTS English conversation, grammar, language skills & test preparation for 7+ speaking

What you'll learn
  • how to organize responses
  • how to speak for 20-30 seconds in Part 1
  • what grammar to use
  • how to speak for 2 minutes in Part 2
  • connect ideas for higher fluency score
  • how to speak for 30-40 seconds in Part 3
  • vocabulary to agree/disagree
  • how to add detail
  • vocabulary for likes/dislikes
  • PPF Technique for Part 2 questions
  • vocabulary for sharing opinion
  • create fake facts to score higher
  • ask examiner questions
  • how to delay your response
  • how many examples to give
  • body language advice for extra points
  • know what examiner wants you to say
  • how to speak about yourself in Part 1
  • ask examiner questions when confused
  • how to take notes in Part 2
  • feel confident responding
  • how to speak generally in Part 3
  • how to summarize
  • how you are graded
  • filler words & expressions
  • how many examples to give

  • Intermediate level English or higher

Focus only on the English skills required for 7+ IELTS speaking band score
  • grammar lessons to demonstrate required 'range & diversity'
  • vocabulary for describing likes/dislikes, agreement/disagreement + more!
  • study my own responses, and then practice on your own!
  • detailed strategies for natural sounding English conversation
  • pronunciation resources and body language exercises to get easy, extra points
  • language skills for advanced fluency score
  • practice responding to most common questions & topics
  • and much more!
You are ready to master IELTS speaking!
Who this course is for:
  • students seeking 7+ IELTS speaking band score
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