[ihatetomatoes] GreenSock - Bella

[ihatetomatoes] GreenSock - Bella

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Make web animations from scratch, understand how they are created and learn new creative skills!

Tired of your website not looking like other award-winning sites despite endless YouTube tutorials and online course libraries?

The Bella Course
What is it and how is it different?
The Bella Course is here to help you take the #creativeideas inside your head and turn them into a powerful website that stands out, and doesn’t look like literally everyone else’s.
In this course, I’ll teach JavaScript, animations, and effects using GreenSock and ScrollTrigger.
In a series of condensed step-by-step tutorials I will teach you how to handcraft animations with GreenSock and ScrollTrigger!
This course will teach you how add animations to your site with CSS and the industry-standard GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP).
Start learning today!
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