Improve English from Intermediate to Advanced - Course 3

Udemy Improve English from Intermediate to Advanced - Course 3

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An English course to help you write and speak in English like a native (or better!) Achieve confidence in English.

What you'll learn
  • Learn over 150+ advanced English vocabulary words and phrases. Easy-to-follow detailed explanations + examples.
  • Learn English slang expressions
  • Dramatically improve English pronunciation
  • Master difficult grammar aspects
  • Upgrade your knowledge of phrasal verbs and idioms
  • Understand different English accents
  • Upgrade English comprehension using only natural English resources

  • You must be an intermediate English language learner
  • Internet access
  • Desire to learn
  • PDF reader

Do you feel that you're stuck at an intermediate English level? This course will help you move on and upgrade your English to an advanced level.
It is relatively easy to achieve an intermediate level of English. However, many of those intermediate ESL students often face frustration when they try to improve their English skills further.
This is the third of my English courses specifically targeted at intermediate level English students to help you:
  1. improve your advanced English vocabulary (collocations, idioms, phrasal verbs, expressions, etc)
  2. start using English grammar with confidence
  3. understand different English accents
  4. improve your English pronunciation and intonation
  5. and finally, upgrade your English to a higher level
Topics we will focus on in my From Intermediate to Advanced English Course 3 include:
  • cooking vocabulary
  • environmental vocabulary
  • everyday real-life English expressions
  • English slang
  • other ways to say 'to increase'
  • difference between Whether and If
  • difference between Farther and Further
  • / iː / sound pronunciation
  • confusing modal verbs
What will you get in my course?
  • 5 practical English lessons based on specific video episodes
  • over 150 advanced English words, collocations and expressions in context with detailed examples
  • transcripts of all episodes
  • interactive exercises and quizzes
  • vocabulary and grammar rules cheat sheets
  • lifetime access to course materials
  • future updates
***Please message me if you have any questions about Improve English from Intermediate to Advanced - Course 3.***
Who this course is for:
  • Intermediate English students who would like to improve their English to advanced or proficient level
  • ESL students preparing for English proficiency exams
  • Everyone who wants to speak English fluently
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