Internet of Things (IoT) with Arduino Programming & ESP8266

Udemy Internet of Things (IoT) with Arduino Programming & ESP8266

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18 Hands-on Practical, IoT, NODEMCU, Sensors, WiFi, Arduino Programming, Actuator, Cloud, IFTTT, ThingSpeak , Automation

What you'll learn
  • 18 Hands-on Sessions on IoT hardware and IoT Cloud
  • Learn how to design code and Build IoT Products
  • Learn to use Arduino IDE and Arduino Programming Language from scratch
  • Learn how to connect sensors and actuators to commercial cloud platforms
  • Learn to use microcontrollers like ESP8266, NodMCU, Arduino.
  • Learn to fetch data from sensors like temperature, LM35.
  • Builld IoT Projects in this course
  • All services offered by ThingSpeak Cloud platform - Data Storage, ThingTweet, TalkBack, ThingHTTP, React, TimeControl etc
  • REST HTTP Methods - GET, POST, PUT etc
  • API

  • Basics of electronics and programming will help, but a necessary requirement as all things will be covered from scratch

Perform 18 Hand-on [Experiments/Practicals] exercises during the course to learn and enhance Arduino Programming, IoT Cloud, REST HTTP and Hardware Skills
Square Brackets [] specifies key learning areas
1. LED Blink [Arduino Programming]
2. Navigate through ThingSpeak Cloud Platform [IoT Cloud]
3. Upload Random Numbers to Cloud Platform from Hardware - ESP8266-NODEMCU using REST HTTP GET method [Arduino Programming + IoT Cloud]
4. Using React and ThingTweet Service [IoT Cloud]
5. LM35 (Temperature Sensor) Interfacing with Hardware (ESP8266-NODEMCU) [Hardware + Arduino Programming]
6. Connecting Hardware (ESP8266-NODEMCU) dynamically to Access Point [Arduino Programming]
7. Push data to the cloud using REST HTTP POST Method [Arduino Programming + API Documents + IoT Cloud]
8. Read Data from Cloud [Cloud + Arduino Programming + HTTP GET Method]
9. IoT Close Loop [Hardware Interfacing + Arduino Programming + IoT Cloud + HTTP GET and POST]
10. TalkBack [IoT Cloud]
11. TalkBack Add Command [Arduino Programming + IoT Cloud + HTTP POST]
12. TalkBack Update Command [Arduino Programming + IoT Cloud + HTTP PUT]
13. TalkBack Read Command [Arduino Programming + IoT Cloud + HTTP GET]
14. TalkBAck Execute Command [Arduino Programming + IoT Cloud + HTTP POST]
15. ThingHTTP [IoT Cloud + Web Services]
16. IFTTT [IoT Cloud]
17. Google Assistant, IFTTT, ThingSpeak [IoT Cloud, Cross cloud communination]
18. TimeControl [IoT Cloud]

This course starts with the very basics of IoT and gradually the complexity is increased in a scientific manner to attain the learning outcomes.
After completion of this course, You will be able to:
  • Build IoT products using ESP8266 SoC
  • Discuss IoT and its market value
  • Discuss sensors and actuators
  • Deploy IoT product to ThingSpeak Cloud platform using all its services
  • Integrate ThingSpeak IoT Cloud, IFTTT, google assistant to develop products.
Who this course is for:
  • This course is built keeping in mind all levels of Audience, Anybody who is interested in building IoT products.
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