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Become an iPhone App Developer

What you'll learn
  • iPhone App Development
  • Swift Programming
  • Mobile Development Design Thinking

  • MUST have access to a Mac Computer
  • Basic Understanding of using computers

Welcome to the iPhone Developer Course. This course has been designed in a way that would be the only course you need to take to become an iPhone/iPad developer. We brought the best learning approaches for iOS development from many years of practice and teaching. This course begins with the most fundamental matters and then deals with advanced topics such as cloud servers, concurrency, or debugging.
All of this content has been divided into 18 separate sections. Each section covers a vital area in its entirety. Here is the list of the 18 section in a short summary:
  1. iOS Basics
  2. Swift Basics
  3. Intermediate UI
  4. Login UI (Sample App UI Design Practice)
  5. Advanced Swift
  6. Advanced UI
  7. To-do App (Developing a List Taking App from Group Up)
  8. Touches, Graphics, and Animation
  9. Memory Game
  10. Maps and Location
  11. Testing and Debugging
  12. Media and Device
  13. Concurrency
  14. Persistent Data
  15. To-do List Persistent (Adding Data Persistency to our To-do App)
  16. Networking and Web
  17. Firebase
  18. Shared To Do List (Porting our App to the Firebase Cloud)
The combination of all these sections will give you a complete and thorough understanding of iPhone application development. So, with a lot of work and a lot of exciting time ahead of us, let's now get started.
Who this course is for:
  • Beginner App Developers
  • Entrepreneurs who Want to Make their own Apps
  • Intermediate iPhone Developers
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