Jab Jab Javascript - Learn Javascript With Tenzin.

Jab Jab Javascript - Learn Javascript With Tenzin.

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Welcome to the no-bs approach to learning Javascript.

  • You want to become a real web developer. Whether you want to become a full-stack developer (fastest path with js/node) or a front-end developer, you understand that Javascript is a must-know programming language for web development.
  • You’re sick and tired of people lying to your face and giving you false hopes like
    “land your first job in x months spending just a few hours a week from the comfort of your home”…
  • Every time you have to build anything from scratch with vanilla Javascript, you cry a little inside and stare at a blank file
  • You’ve written Javascript code. It’s functional, but deep down, you know it’s not scalable, maintainable, and just plain ugly.
  • You might've built projects… but you have a gut feeling that they’re not enough. You’re not confident of them since most of them are copy-pasted code from google searches and online courses.
  • You’ve taken online courses with claims like:
    “Build 23 projects with html, css, sass, js, jQuery, react, bootstrap, node, python, sql, mongo, php…. blah blah blah”
    “The only course you need to learn web development”
    ...and you still lack true understanding of even the fundamentals. You still don't get it.
  • You want a coursework and a roadmap that guides you down the path of becoming a true Javascript expert.
You’ve had it enough. You want change. You want no BS.

JabJabJavascript™ is the best Javascript course on the planet. Period. This course is the perfect intersection between theory and practicality.
You’ll get these lessons in a 15-20+ module, online video course that covers the ENTIRE process of going from a javascript-newbie to an intermediate developer and sets you on a clear path to becoming an advanced developer.
You’ll learn through the exact roadmap and rigorous curriculum that I have developed after teaching hundreds of students and dozens of boot campers. My curriculum is heavily influenced by the programs of top coding bootcamps like HackReactor, FullStack Academy, App Academy etc.
You’ll learn by building real-world components and projects. And when I say real-world, I actually mean it. Most courses try to sell you by using this headline, but these courses often have mediocre projects that isn't even applicable when you are working on a bigger application.
You’ll learn the what, how, and the why of every custom component and project we will be building from scratch. Every single of piece of thing you’re going to be building with this course has a purpose.

JabJabJavascript includes a beautifully organized set of video coursework, carefully curated coding challenges, worksheets, ultimate time-saving cheatsheets, and lots of surprises.
To create the material in JabJabJavascript, I analyzed the curriculum of many of the top coding bootcamps along with dozens of my own successful students journey, and I dissected every step of the learning process — and systematically outlined the entire roadmap.
Getting started with all the modern, industry-standard tools. Building a developer’s mindset. Understanding what truly works and what’s complete nonsense. Learning and building things that you’ll be asked to build in a professional job environment.
I also cover the psychological aspects of overcoming the fear of failure, conquering invisible scripts (not smart enough, not good enough in math, don't have a degree), and putting an end to the feeling of imposter syndrome.
Alright, you wanna see what's in the course? Take a look: (subject to change)

Your Game Plan
  1. Getting the maximum ROI from this course — I plan on returning you a value that's at least 10 times your investment.
  2. Why Javascript?
  3. The exact system top coding bootcamps use to virtually guarantee the students will be successful — and I’ve made it even better by removing the mediocre stuff and adding up-to-date practical material
  4. The top 3 mistakes people make that virtually guarantees they’ll never make it as a developer
  5. How to build a portfolio that’s full of projects that you’re proud of — and most importantly, be able to deliberately explain the what, why and how of each project to any recruiter or interviewer.
Industry-standard Must Know Tools
  1. Alfred | The Ultimate Productivity App to 10x Your Efficiency
  2. VScode | The Best Lightweight and Powerful Code Editor
  3. Terminal | The Quiet and Simple Interface with Unlimited Potential
  4. JabJab Portfolio | How to Make it Your Own
  5. Git | The Versio Control System
  6. Github | The World's Largest Hosting Service for Git Repos
  7. Spectacle | The SIMPLEST, Most Robust Window Management Tool
  8. Sip | The Best Color Picking and Management Tool
  9. Research
  10. Cheatsheets/Worksheets (Terminal, Git, Vscode Alfred)
Javascript Fundamentals
  1. Where can you write Javascript
  2. Primitive data types (String, Number, Boolean)
  3. Variables
  4. If/else statements
  5. Comparison and Logical Operators
  6. For Loops
  7. While Loops
  8. Functions
  9. Scope
  10. Objects
  11. Arrays
Algorithmic Challenges
  1. Write custom string methods from scratch.
  2. Write custom Array methods from scratch.
  3. Write custom Object methods from scratch.
  4. Solve carefully curated list of challenges from top code-challenge websites (code wars, leetcode, project euler, hacker rank)
DOM (Document Object Model)
  1. Writing Html, Css and Javascript together
  2. DOM && BOM
  3. Accessing DOM Elements
  4. Nodes vs Elements | Common misconceptionsc
  5. Event Listeners
  6. Changing CSS with Pure Javascript
  7. Add, remove, and toggle classes
More Advanced DOM and Getting Ready for Projects
  1. Null && Undefined
  2. Changing Javascript Attributes
  3. DOM Traversals Theory Deep Dive
  4. DOM Traversals Code Walkthrough
  5. Javascript Events
Building Actual Real-world Components From Scratch

  1. Sidebar Menu Starter Files (overview)
  2. Build an Off Canvas Sidebar Menu (HTML & CSS)
  3. Implement the Javascript for Sidebar Menu (JS)
  4. Off Canvas Menu Solution Files
  5. Jab Modal Starter Files (overview)
  6. Build a Modal with Form (HTML & CSS)
  7. Implement the Javascript for the Modal (JS)
  8. Jab Modal Solution Files
Building More Projects :)
  1. Overview
  2. Build a Dice Roll (Warming Up)
  3. Dice Roll Solution
  4. Build a Todo List App
  5. Todo List Solution
  6. Build an Accordion - The Best Tool for Faqs
  7. Accordion Solution
  8. Build the Youtube Loading Progress Bar
  9. Youtube Loading Bar Solution
  10. Build a Count Down Timer
  11. Count Down Timer Solution
Say Hello to Es6
ecmascript 2015
  1. var vs let vs const
  2. Function Scope vs Block Scope
  3. Arrow Functions
  4. Arrow Functions and "this" Keyword
  5. Default Function Parameters
  6. Destructuring Objects
  7. Destructuring Arrays
  8. Rest vs Spread (...)
  9. Next Level Object Literals
  10. Template Strings | Strings are fun now!
Object-oriented Programming
oopcompositiondata structures
  1. Intro to Object Oriented Programming
  2. Function Constructors, Prototype
  3. Deep Dive Prototype
  4. Default Constructors
  5. Inheritance
  6. Method Overriding
  7. Es6 Class
  8. Classical Inheritance
  9. Prototypal Inheritance (Learning composition)
OOP Algorithmic Challenges
  1. Solve Oject-oriented Programming Problems
  2. Create Objects with the Constructor Pattern
  3. Inheriting Methods from Parent Class
  4. Instantiating with es6 Class | Creating Models
Advanced Javascript and Important Computer Science Concepts to Understand
computer scienceadvanced
  1. Primitives and Object Wrappers
  2. Pass by Value and Pass by Reference
  3. Hoisting In ES5, Temporal Dead Zone in ES6
  4. Function Declarations vs Function Expressions
  5. Why IFFE? (Immediately Invoked Function Expressions)
  6. Closures - The behind-the-scenes Gangsta!
  7. Callbacks | The Beauty of Functional Programming
  8. Recursion
Object-oriented Vanilla Javascript Quiz Application
prototypedesign pattern
  1. Project Intro and Git Setup
  2. Creating the Initial HTML Layout
  3. Beautifying the Project | Adding CSS
  4. How to Get the Custom Free Radio Icons
  5. Quick Intro to Es6 Modules
  6. Creating the Question Function Constructor
  7. Quiz Constructor, Methods and Main Logic
  8. Quick Intro to the Module Design Pattern
  9. Caching the DOM
  10. Creating Questions and Initializing the Quiz
  11. Let's Get Rendering the Components
  12. Binding Events Listeners and Finishing Up!
  13. Deploying Your App! 🚀
  14. Solution Source Code - Quiz App
Music Player Spotify Clone
audiodesign pattern
  1. Starter Files | Music Player
  2. Project Introduction | Reviewing Starter Files
  3. Marking Up the HTML
  4. Beautifying the Music Player
  5. Initial Render Function
  6. Final Render
  7. Binding Events | Listeners | Play & Pause Features
  8. Play Next Feature
  9. Setting Up PlayInfo Module
  10. Implementing PlayInfo Trigger Button
  11. Track Bar Module
  12. Review and Final Thoughts
  13. Solution Source Code - Music Player
Super Dynamic Hangman App
dynamicdesign pattern
  1. Hangman Starter Files
  2. Project Introduction and Starter Files Overview
  3. Home Module | Main Menu
  4. Game Module | Main Logic
  5. End Screen Module
  6. Intro to the HTML5 Canvas Api
  7. Board Module
  8. How to Play Module | Project Con
Asynchronous Javascript
async awaitfetchpromises
  1. Asynchronous Callbacks | Callback Purgatory
  2. Promises
  3. HTTP and REST api
  4. Fetch API
  5. Fetching Open Trivia Data Project
  6. Fetch API Open Trivia Challenge Solution
  7. Movie App Project with Fetch
  8. Es8 Async Await | Upgrading from Promises
Multi-day Weather Forecast App
  1. The What, Why and How of NPM
  2. Bye CSS. Hi Sass!
  3. Unpacking Webpack - Understanding the indispensable tool
  4. Overview of the Weather App
  5. Building and Rendering the Search Module
  6. Fetching Geo-coordinates from Google Geocoding API
  7. Attempting to fetch Weather Data from Dark Sky API (spoiler: failed) 🤣
  8. A Junior Developer's Worst Enemy: CORS
    (Cross Origin Resource Sharing)
  9. Building and Rendering the Current Weather Module
  10. Adding the Beautiful Rainbow Loading Indicator
  11. Building and Rendering the Multi-day Weather Module
  12. Adding Additional Awesome Features to the Module
  13. Rendering the Units Module
  14. Deploying the App in less than 3 mins!
Jab Giffy | Gifs Project
  1. Building a full-blown app from scratch on your own (test)
More modules are currently in the work and to be released in the following months...
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