Karate DSL: API Automation and Performance from Zero to Hero

Udemy Karate DSL: API Automation and Performance from Zero to Hero

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API Automation Testing, Performance and Load Testing with Karate DSL and Gatling framework. API testing made simple.

What you'll learn
  • How to automate API testing
  • Performance and Load testing with Gatling
  • JSON Manipulations
  • Test-Data Generation
  • Creating Strong Assertions
  • User-Flow Simulation using APIs

  • Windows or Mac computer
  • Basic understanding of programming (any language)
  • Basic experience with Java or JavaScript would be a plus

Karate DSL - a framework for API automation testing, Performance, and Load testing. This framework is running on Java and using Apache HTTP client to perform Http connections. For the performance testing, Karate DSL has a very nice integration with the Gatling framework.
Karate has its own scripting language (DSL - Domain Specific Language), which is pretty simple and can be picked up by people who don't have coding experience. It looks like the Cucumber framework, but it only looks like that. The framework has a predefined set of scripting commands for any operation you might need during interaction with APIs. Also, the framework has native support of JAVA and JavaScript programming languages, so you can create any custom methods and use it in Karate if you need it.
The key advantages of the framework:
  • Own easy scripting language. You don't need to have coding skills to start writing tests
  • Native JavaScript support and JSON objects (forget about parsers)
  • Very powerful assertions and JSON schema validation
  • Parallel execution (it's very fast)
  • Integration with Gatling for Performance testing
What you will learn:
  • Basics: what is API and JSON objects. You ll have a clear understanding of the concept of how API works and how to work with JSON objects
  • How to set up and configure Karate framework from scratch
  • How to perform GET, POST, PUT, DELETE requests
  • How to make powerful assertions for API responses, traverse through JSON objects, fuzzy matching assertions, and JSON schema validation
  • How to chain API calls, re-use API response to form new API request
  • How to generate random test data, use this test data in API requests
  • How to handle authorization headers, access tokens
  • Before/After hooks, parallel test execution, conditional testing, data-driven testing
  • How to use Karate scripts for Performance and Load Testing with Gatling framework
Karate DSL is a really great framework for API Automation and my Number 1 choice.
Who this course is for:
  • Quality Engineers
  • QA Automation Engineers
  • Developers who need quickly automate API regression testing
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