Kettlebell Strength And Cardio Workout

Udemy Kettlebell Strength And Cardio Workout

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Learn how to perform kettlebell exercises for strength and cardio

What you'll learn
  • Kettlebell strength exercises
  • Kettlebell cardio exercises
  • How to complete a kettlebell strength and cardio workout
  • How to warm-up
  • How to cool down

  • 1 kettlebell

In this course, we teach you how to perform a kettlebell workout for strength and cardio with one kettlebell. We provide you with warm-up technique, workout technique, alternatives, follow-along warm-up, follow-along workout, and follow-along cooldown.
This course will help you understand how to train safely with a kettlebell and add another workout to your toolbox.
Whether you are someone who trains at home with a kettlebell or a trainer who wants to know how to teach their clients, this course will help you understand how to do just that.
The alternatives that we provide will enable anyone to complete this workout through progressions and alternatives, meaning, if you are having trouble with the exercise, regress to the easier version which builds you up for the more complex version.
You will learn how to:
  1. Dead clean
  2. Overhead reverse lunge
  3. Jerk
  4. Push press
  5. Press
  6. Warm-up
  7. Cooldown
  8. And much more
Who this course is for:
  • At-home kettlebell enthusiasts
  • Personal trainers
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