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Learn how to warm up, stretch, workout with a kettlebell, cool down, and how to train safely with the kettlebell

What you'll learn
  • Train safely and effectively with a kettlebell
  • Basic and important exercises of kettlebell training
  • Stay safe and injury free
  • Progress from beginner to intermediate kettlebell enthusiast
  • How to workout with the kettlebell
  • How to train with good form and technique
  • How to get strong and build muscle
  • How to become more flexible

  • One kettlebell
  • Interest to learn from the best
  • Video camera to record yourself

I absolutely have no doubt that the information in this kettlebell course will teach you the most important kettlebell fundamentals and lay a solid foundation to grow into a pro. You might not immediately understand my crazy personality, but I hope that won't stop you from investing the time into something that I know will take you to the next level of kettlebell training.

This is the premium version of '21-Days to Kettlebell Training for Beginners' and includes:

  1. Downloadable copy of the popular Amazon book Kettlebell Training Fundamentals
  2. Downloadable copy of the full course summary as one PDF
  3. More than 1 hour of additional bonus videos
  4. 5 full blown kettlebell workouts you can do or progress to
    1. 8-minute Simple Kettlebell Workout
    2. The BIG FOUR
    3. The Man of Steel Workout
    4. The Iron Man Workout
    5. Procerus Fortis 14
  5. Cavemantraining issued certificate of participation (requires you to pass all assessments within this course) Note: Udemy will still issue you a certificate if you do not opt for the Cavemantraining certificate

This kettlebell course is structured so that you can work on your progression day by day over 21 days, or you can choose to complete one after the after and see each day as a step towards your progression in kettlebell training.

Each unit has a video, in total there is over 200 minutes of video content that covers kettlebell training. Each day has 5 to 10 minutes of video which is followed by a text summary you can read, copy, and save for future reference by downloading it as a PDF. Most days will have a task/drill to perform or progression to work on over time.

This course has exam questions, whereas my other course 21-Days to Kettlebell Training for Beginners does not.

The course is designed to bring across all the knowledge you need to start your kettlebell training journey or learn how to train others.

After more than a decade of kettlebell training I have been able to put together the progressions I use with my athletes, clients, and students. I'm extremely confident that this online kettlebell course will help you understand kettlebell training so that you can train or workout safely at home, in the gym, outdoors, or in your CrossFit box.
You will learn how to lift the kettlebell safely, how to clean, swing, press, row, and all the basic movements which you need to perform a full body workout with the kettlebell. You will also understand how to warm up, cool down, work on mobility, transition, and even a bit of basic programming.

  • Day 1 Warming up and priming for kettlebell training
  • Day 2 Stretching and mobility for kettlebell training
  • Day 3 Kettlebell anatomy and grip
  • Day 4 Safely lifting the kettlebell with a squat
  • Day 5 Safely lifting the kettlebell with a hip hinge
  • Day 6 Assisted kettlebell clean
  • Day 7 Kettlebell squat swing
  • Day 8 Kettlebell hip hinge swing
  • Day 9 Kettlebell pendulum swing
  • Day 10 Double arm swing clean
  • Day 11 Kettlebell dead clean
  • Day 12 Swing clean
  • Day 13 Kettlebell racking
  • Day 14 Kettlebell pressing
  • Day 15 Kettlebell rowing
  • Day 16 Kettlebell American swing
  • Day 17 Double kettlebell dead swing clean
  • Day 18 Recap and additional kettlebell tips
  • Day 19 Kettlebell programming and goals
  • Day 20 Kettlebell workout
  • Day 21 Common kettlebell injuries and annoyances

Other course
If you've seen my other course on Udemy and are wondering what the difference is.
My other highly rated kettlebell course From Zero to Kettlebell Superhero in 4 Weeks has more text and includes exam questions, whereas this course is more visual, has required assessments, comes with a book, and certificate of completion (after passing).

Hope to see you soon.
Taco Fleur from Cavemantraining

Please note that our Udemy courses provide you with knowledge, and in some cases allow you to obtain a certificate of participation. These courses are not the same as the ones offered on our website. The courses on our website include coaching, assessments, exams, additional books (in some cases), and certification, all aimed at trainers or kettlebell enthusiasts that are serious about their education.
Who this course is for:
  • Personal trainers
  • At-home kettlebell users
  • Crossfitters
  • Beginners
  • People looking for a change in training
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