Learn Django from Scratch - Ultimate Django Starter Guide

Udemy Learn Django from Scratch - Ultimate Django Starter Guide

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Based on the Official Django Developer Tutorial

What you'll learn
  • Understand Django from the very beginning
  • Understand databases within the context of Django
  • Understand how URLs work in Django
  • Understand the difference between application and apps
  • Understand views and templates in Django
  • Understand forms in Django and database changes

  • Have a PC or Mac to run Django

If you're looking to learn Django fast then you're in the right place!
This course covers every topic you need to get started in Django.
I'll guide you through working with the worlds most popular web development framework, right from the start all the way to your first Django application!
So why is this the best course to get started with Django?
The entire course is based on the official Django documentation tutorial. It takes that official tutorial and turns it into an easy to digest video format!
Therefore if you have any questions or just want to dig further, you can just look it up online easily!
Contents include:
  • Views and URLs
  • Database Integrations and Models
  • Django Administration Built In
  • Going more in Depth with Views, URLs and 404 Pages
  • Writing and Processing Forms
  • Using Generic Views to Save Time
  • Test Driven Development
  • Static Files and CSS in the Context of Django
  • Customising Views
  • Customising Admin Views
  • And a lot of pro developer (that's me!) experience
I'll see you inside the course!
Who this course is for:
  • Beginners to Django
  • Beginners to Python
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