Learn Full stack development with Django and react

Udemy Learn Full stack development with Django and react

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What you'll learn
  • Full stack development
  • Build an e-commerce application with payment gateway
  • Django 3 with REST API
  • Modern React JS with hooks
  • Build complete application
  • A full tShirt selling store with admin

  • Basics of python (loops and functions)
  • Basics of Javascript (loops and functions)
  • We don't expect prior knowledge of Django and react for this course

Welcome to Complete full stack web development course with Django 3 as backend and ReactJS in front end. Along with this we will use a payment gateway to configure our t-shirt selling store.
Full Stack web development is really high in demand and in this course, we are bringing 2 of the most popular programming languages together, Python and JavaScript. We will start by installing python and a virtual environment. After that we will install Django and will work on backend. We are using a scalable approach of dividing project into multiple Django apps. Further we will create API from our backend so that in future you can modify front end without any issues. Django development is very fast and you will quickly realise it.

We will use core Django framework as well as Django REST framework to create backend API. We will also learn to modify framework so that we can sign up custom user in this application

Moving to front end, first we will take some crash courses in react, bootstrap and react navigation so that you can come to speed. After that we will create a react project and will structure front end to talk to backend. We will create a modular structure for front end so that in future multiple team can work on front end too. We will learn to create request to multiple URLs of backend and provide authentication to some routes.
When we sign up and sign in from front end, we will learn JSON based request as well as form data based request. We will also learn to protect some routes, so that only authenticated users can access it.

Finally we will also learn to integrate payment gateway both at backend and front end of the application. We will study the documentation of the payment gateway and flow of payments. After that user will be able to place order from our store.

This course is packed with lots of information and you will enjoy the learn process!

See you inside the course
Who this course is for:
  • Beginner in full stack development
  • Beginner in Django
  • Beginner in Reactjs
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