Learn NestJS -  Microservices

Learn NestJS - Microservices

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Unlock the potential of scalable and resilient software architecture with our Microservices course.​

Prepare for an in-depth guided course & walk-through of Microservices with NestJS applications from the Creator Kamil Mysliwiec himself, and Mark Pieszak (Core Team Member).

  • Step-by-step lesson progression, code everything alongside us!
  • Featuring 20 videos (with hand-written English subtitles)
  • Monolithic vs Microservices
  • Vertical vs Horizontal Scaling
  • Request-Response vs Event-Driven, RabbitMQ, Outbox & Inbox Patterns, and so much more!
  • Official NestJS Architecture & Advanced Patterns Certificate of Completion
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Thank you very much! Could you please add the code part as full if you have. HTML part is good but full code would be perfect! Thanks again!
Thanks Satoru, u da best!