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Learn React Today [webdevsimplified.com]

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What Will You Get?
  • Access to all HD course videos
  • All source code for the entire application broken down by video
  • All future updates free of charge
  • Exclusive access to the Learn React Today Discord channel where you can talk with me and all other members of the course
Why This Course?
While there are a ton of React courses available for you to choose from, none compare to this course. Instead of focusing on writing code and building one large project this course is focused on learning React and what the code you are writing does. I focus on simplifying and explaining in depth every complex React topic so you have a deep understanding of how to build any product you can dream of. This means that instead of mindlessly copying the code from the video you will be actively learning each and every topic covered.

In order to accomplish such a highly focused and well explained course, all unrelated concepts are kept to a bare minimum. This means no extra time will be wasted on building out huge CSS files or complex databases, and instead every minute of this course will be focused solely on learning React. Because of the focused nature of this course you will learn everything about React in a shorter time.

I also utilize my extreme passion for clean and well-designed code to show you all the best practices and design patterns you need to know in order to easily create complex React applications. This is something most other courses never even talk about, let alone cover in the depth I do.

I could go on for hours about why this course is the best choice for you, but in essence, if you buy this course you will learn more in less time which leads to you building your own projects quicker.
What Will You Learn?
  • A deep understanding of how React works
  • How to build React components and connect them to create a full application
  • Working with React hooks in depth
  • React context and state management in full scale applications
  • How to easily persist state with LocalStorage
  • Tons of React and JavaScript best practices for building scalable applications
  • Continuous integration and deployment with a React application
  • Multiple tactics for communication between React components
  • And so much more in-depth React information
Is This Course For You?
If you are looking to increase your marketability by learning the most in-demand frontend framework, or if you just want to learn how to create highly interactive websites with ease then this course is perfect for you. Whether you are a seasoned JavaScript veteran or are just starting to understand JavaScript, this course has something for you.

This course is for you if:
  • You are already familiar with React, but want to learn more modern best practices
  • You already know another frontend framework, but want to dive deep into learning React
  • You want to add deep interactivity to your sites without the complications of massive plain JavaScript files
  • You are trying to improve your JavaScript skills through learning advanced JavaScript and React concepts
1 Course Introduction.mp4
2 What Is React.mp4
3 Environment Setup.mp4
4 JSX.mp4
5 Class Component.mp4
6 Function Component.mp4
7 Context.mp4
8 Continuous Deployment.mp4
9 Project 2 Preview.mp4
10 Component Breakdown and Recipe JSX.mp4
11 Ingredient JSX.mp4
12 Recipe List CSS.mp4
13 Finish Recipe and Ingredient CSS.mp4
14 Recipe Add and Delete Button Interactivity.mp4
15 Recipe Add and Delete Button Context.mp4
16 UseEffect Hook and LocalStorage.mp4
17 RecipeEdit JSX.mp4
18 RecipeEdit CSS.mp4
19 Selected Recipe State and Recipe Edit Values.mp4
20 Recipe Edit Input Interactivity.mp4
21 Finish Cooking With React Application.mp4
22 Code Review and Best Practices.mp4
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Latest reviews

I backed up this course on my mega account hope it could help you out :)

I was looking for this course from exactly that author. He is one of the best authors among in the YouTube.
The course is great! I like the detail that he is keeping them simple. There are two projects. First one is a very simple one, to introduce you fundamentals of React. Second one is a bit more comprehensive.

He is mostly good with introducing concepts. Especially Context provider is a complicated topic. He is giving perfect examples and explaining it as simple as he can.

The only con is with useEffect hook. He should have used it in some other details. Also with second practice you may feel lost at some point, but once you start to code yourself it's becoming clearer.

Kudos for the course. Definitely worth short time spent on lots learned! :)
Awesome! Thank you!