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What you'll learn
  • Learn the basics of Streamlit Framework
  • Use Streamlit to create Machine Learning Web Apps and Data Apps
  • Deploying Streamlit Python Web Applications

  • Basic understanding of Python programming language
  • Understand Machine Learning Concepts in Python
  • Determination and Desire to Learn New Things


Are you having difficulties trying to build web applications for your data science projects? Do you spend more time trying to create a simple MVP app with your data to show your clients and others? Then let me introduce you to Streamlit - a python framework for building web apps.

Welcome to the coolest online resource for learning how to create Data Science Apps and Machine Learning Web Apps using the
awesome Streamlit Framework and Python.
This course will teach you Streamlit - the python framework that saves you from spending days and weeks in creating
data science and machine learning web applications.

In this course we will cover everything you need to know concerning streamlit such as
  • Fundamentals and the Basics of Streamlit ;
- Working with Text
- Working with Widgets (Buttons,Sliders,
- Displaying Data
- Displaying Charts and Plots
- Working with Media Files (Audio,Images,Video)
- Streamlit Layouts
- File Uploads
- Streamlit Static Components
  • Creating cool data visualization apps
  • How to Build A Full Web Application with Streamlit

By the end of this exciting course you will be able to
  • Build data science apps in hours not days
  • Productionized your machine learning models into web apps using streamlit
  • Build some cools and fun data apps
  • Deploy your streamlit apps using Docker,Heroku,Streamlit Share and more

Join us as we explore the world of building Data and ML Apps.
See you in the Course,Stay blessed.

Tips for getting through the course

  • Please write or code along with us do not just watch,this will enhance your understanding.
  • You can regulate the speed and audio of the video as you wish,preferably at -0.75x if the speed is too fast for you.
  • Suggested Prerequisites is understanding of Python
  • This course is about Streamlit an ML Framework to create data apps in hours not weeks. We will try our best to cover some concepts for the beginner and the pro .

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner Python Developers curious about Streamlit
  • Data Scientist and ML Engineers who want to productionized their Models faster
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