Manga Module 1: Drawing Basic Human Body

Udemy Manga Module 1: Drawing Basic Human Body

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Drawing Basic Human Body

What you'll learn
  • By the end of this module, you should be able to:
  • (1) Recognize the features and balance of each body part to express a 3D human body in a 2D illustration
  • (2) Create a character’s image more attractively by exploring differences in age, gender, physical features and body types
  • (3) Recognize how the human body moves and which perspective to use

  • In order to graduate from the module, you are required to:
  • 1. Complete all learning materials presented in the module.

Before you can create Manga masterpieces, start by learning how to draw a basic human body with the first of five series of modules available for Manga by ASO College Group, Japan.

This course will cover:
• The basic structure of the human body
• Distinct human body characteristics
• The appearance of the human body based on different viewpoints

• Since the lessons are delivered in Japanese (with English subtitles), this is the ideal course for you to learn drawing techniques while also picking up the Japanese language at the same time!
Who this course is for:
  • Beginners in the world of Manga art
  • • Those who are interested in refining drawing techniques in Mangle style
  • • Anyone who wants to learn to draw authentic and appealing Manga style characters
  • • Those who aspire to be a Manga artist or Mangaka
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