Master English Pronunciation with 1000+ WORDS!

Udemy Master English Pronunciation with 1000+ WORDS!

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Pronunciation Course for North American English

What you'll learn
  • The 44 sounds of English and the phonetic alphabet
  • How the English sounds can be spelled
  • The correct pronunciation of over 1000 English words

  • Students must be able to follow simple instructions in English

In this course you will learn all the sounds of English using the international phonetic alphabet. You will also learn the correct pronunciation of over 1000 English words. This course includes a free workbook to keep track of your progress and audio files to help you review the words. This course will help students who have a difficult time pronouncing the English words they learned by reading. This is common because the English spelling system is much more complex than Spanish, Arabic, or Indonesian. Beginners and intermediate students are welcome! As long as you can understand simple instructions in English you can follow this course.
Who this course is for:
  • This course is for people who learn English mostly from books and have difficulty communicating directly with native speakers.
  • Beginners are welcome. You do not need to be fluent to follow along and make the sounds with the instructor.
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