Master Robotic Arm using ESP32 with Kinematics from scratch

Udemy Master Robotic Arm using ESP32 with Kinematics from scratch

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Design and Build Robotic Arm by unleash your robotics knowledge with ESP32 of 3 Degrees of Freedom.

What you'll learn
  • Robotics
  • Arduino programming
  • Electronics
  • Line following Robot

  • Basic Arduino programming

This is course is a basic course for people starting in Robotic Arms , but after this course student will be good in his/her robotics projects and specifically more precise in his/her robot's movement. As all concepts are explained clearly .
Steps We will take in the course :
  • Calculate required torques for motors
  • Design Robotic Arm's body with selected components
  • Start Programming and actuating robotic Arm
  • Pick and Throw object
  • Optimizing its movement by reducing speed
  • DH Table ( Devait Hartenberg representation)
  • Forward Kinematics
  • Implementing Forward Kinematics
Hardware Requirements
  • Servo motors 996R metallic gear x 3
  • MicroServo x 1
  • Esp-32 Development board ( or esp-8266 can also work)
  • 5V 5 amp power supply
  • Jumper Wires ( 20 x of male to female and female to male )
  • A lot of nuts and bolts m3
  • If you do not have a 3D-printer you have to get any 3 dof robotic arm Body.

Who this course is for:
  • Students who want to learn Mobile Robotics
  • Aspiring Roboticists
  • Students who want to learn sensors usage
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