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Learn how to kettlebell swing for weight loss, cardio, power, flexibility, and more

What you'll learn
  • How to swing a kettlebell correctly and safely
  • How to program the kettlebell swing for workouts
  • How to become more efficient as an athlete

  • 1 kettlebell

In this course, I will teach you how to use a very popular kettlebell exercise, the kettlebell swing, for weight loss, cardio, power, flexibility, strength, endurance, and so much more. I will explain many kettlebell swing variations, demonstrate them, and explain why you would want to do one over the other. I will also cover goals, programming, and even provide you with 7 awesome kettlebell swing workouts that achieve different goals. With all this information you will have everything to work out and even start thinking for yourself.

This is the premium version of Master The Kettlebell Swing and includes:
  1. A downloadable copy of the popular Amazon book Master The Basic Kettlebell Swing
  2. A downloadable copy of the popular Amazon book Master The Hip Hinge
  3. Kettlebell swing workouts
  4. 2 hours of video content

This course by Cavemantraining takes you from knowing absolutely nothing about the kettlebell swing to swinging safely and effectively.
Only enroll in this course if you are truly interested to go deep into the kettlebell swing. If you are not interested in details and are looking for something quick then this is not the right course to chose.

With over a decade of kettlebell experience, I will break the kettlebell swing down and provide details that you've not heard before and will change the way you train with kettlebells.
With the course, there are several workouts included that you can complete with the kettlebell swing and I will also explain some things about programming so that you can put your own customized workouts together in the form of EMOM, interval training, AMRAP, FOR TIME, and so on.
Some of the kettlebell swing variations covered:
  • Conventional hip hinge swing
  • Squat swing
  • Hardstyle swing
  • Pendulum swing
  • American swing
  • Suitcase swing
  • Double-arm swing
  • Single-arm swing
  • Alternating swing
  • And more...

If you're a crossfitter I guarantee that you will improve your American swing and will get the edge over your competitors! If you're a trainer, you're going to learn how to progress your clients properly.

"I will be honest with you and explain my background. I have been a trainer (both in sport and media) for most of my life. The birth of the internet and youtube lead to less and less, face to face training/coaching, focusing more on video demos and training. I mention this just to help you understand where I came from, which is a background of producing corporate short, punchy to the point training content.
The course content was absolutely excellent. The gradual build from a squat swing, progressing to the hip and pendulum, and reasons why you would use each one, together with their own variations, were spot on. Your knowledge, wisdom, and experience really shine through, anyone taking this course would gain significant benefits from this coaching and knowledge sharing.
I also enjoyed the 4 stage format of teaching/learning format. The explanation of why and how to perform each variation, the slowmo demo's, then the PA session, and finally the tests."

Please note that our Udemy courses provide you with knowledge, and in some cases allow you to obtain a certificate of participation. These courses are not the same as the ones offered on our website. The courses on our website include coaching, assessments, exams, additional books (in some cases), and certification, all aimed at trainers or kettlebell enthusiasts that are serious about their education.
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone wanting to lose weight with one kettlebell
  • Crossfitters that want to learn how to swing properly from the ground up
  • Crossfitters that want to learn more about the American swing
  • Anyone that wants to get fitter
  • Athletes or fighters that want to increase their power
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