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MERN Stack Made Simple

Udemy MERN Stack Made Simple

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Web Applications Development with MongoDB, Express, React and Node

What you'll learn
  • How to design and program a full stack web application with MongoDB, Express, React and Node
  • How to use the Mongoose mapper to create database Schemas and access a cloud MongoDB database
  • How to use the Express framework to create a RESTful back end API
  • How to use the React Javascript library to create a modern front end client
  • How to implement Data Validation, Filtering, Pagination, User Authentication, Authorization and more...

  • Familiarity with modern Javascript concepts and syntax
  • Ability to handle Node packages and modules
  • A basic understanding of the React ecosystem

This is a step-by-step walk-through on development with MERN.
In the MERN stack made simple course we will create a full-stack web application with
  • Mongodb
  • Express
  • React and
  • Node
With the MongoDB database we will organize, store and access our data.
With the Express framework we will speed up the development of a back-end API, following the REST architecture.
With React we will create a front-end client with interactive user interfaces, declarative views and reusable components.
We will set our back end to run on the Node runtime which is open source and cross platform.
We will learn about various important business logic and application engineering topics, such as:
  • Error Handling
  • CRUD operations
  • Code organizing patterns
  • Validation
  • Filtering
  • Pagination
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
    and more...
Who this course is for:
  • Web Developers and Programmers interested in creating Full Stack Web Applications
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