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Learn Modern JavaScript In a Practical Way: Including Useful Examples, 5 Projects, & Starter Code


Welcome to Modern JavaScript For Beginners!
Learning any new skill can be tough and JavaScript is no exception!
Javascript has such a wide range of features and things it can do, meaning sometimes as beginners we have no idea where to even begin.
This is why I have created this class…
Working from the very beginning, I will show you what JavaScript is, what it can do, and why we even use it at all.
This class covers everything you need to know to become a competent JavaScript developer.
The class is beginner-focused for anybody new to JavaScript, or if you have a little experience and looking for an all-around class to take you to the next level. You should have at least a little experience with HTML & CSS to get the most out of this class.
If you have not taken one of my classes before, my name is Chris and I have been building websites for over 20 years.
Alongside I have been teaching new developers for over 7 years, both in video classes and leading web development boot camps too.
We begin by giving you a great foundation in JavaScript covering all the basics including arrays, functions, objects, events & the DOM, web APIs, loops and conditional statements, a deep look at objects, math, date, and timers, drawing to the canvas, and all of the details you need to know in between.
All of these topics are covered in a clear and structured way, all while building practical projects as we go. Including real-world example use cases and mini-challenges too.
We build a working video player, including fully custom controls. And also a fun shape drop game using drag and drop.
Later on, we discover some of the trickier parts such as async JavaScript, scope, hoisting, and closures, before finishing off with 2 more projects, We build a small app called leaving so soon, which is an exit-intent popup to entice visitors with an offer when they try to leave your site. Before completing the class with a fully functioning JavaScript image carousel.
It includes a project folder we will add to as we go, which will serve as a useful reference in the future too.
Thank you for your interest in this class, and I will see you in the first lesson…

Who this course is for:​

  • Web designers or developers wanting to master JavaScript in a practical way
  • New developers looking to learn an essential skill
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