MoGraph Mentor - 3d Character Modeling & Rigging

MoGraph Mentor - 3d Character Modeling & Rigging

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Learn to create your first original 3D characters in Cinema 4d. This workshop, created by artist, Joey Judkins, will teach you to model and rig original characters in Cinema 4d. You’ll also learn how to set-up the rig for animation.

Master 3d Character Creation
Bring your work to life with 3d characters in Cinema 4d. This workshop will show you step by step, how to go from character design to a fully rigged 3d character. This process can be mastered by anyone and it provides the power to make your characters a reality on screen.

Learn The Rigging Process
Rigging in Cinema 4d is a powerful workflow that every 3d artist should know. It applies to creating characters but has even wider applications. Once you master the joint tool, binding, and weight painting, you’ll see that you can shape and animate geometry in any way you want.
High Quality Training
We brought 3d artist, Joey Judkins, to MoGraph Mentor HQ to film this workshop. We’ve created a training series that is clear and concise. Along with this workshop, you’ll have many C4D files to download, including the Rig at each stage of production. This way you can jump into each part of the process.

What you'll learn
If you are interested in 3d character design, this course is for you. Go through the process of modeling, rigging, weight painting, and animating characters in Cinema 4d.
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