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What you'll learn
  • feel like a duck in water (MongoDB world)

  • You only need the desire to learn. That's it!

Why MongoDB?
MongoDB is a leading non-relational database. It is used by many well known, large companies like: Google, Facebook, eBay, UPS and many more.
Learn from a professional
I'm a certified MongoDB developer and certified MongoDB administrator.
You can verify my certificates using a link from the promo video. Here are the license numbers:
  • developer: 463-864-356
  • administrator: 106-358-385
I've been working with MongoDB for quite some time, and I can say that I know MongoDB very well.
MongoDB certification
Although this course was not designed for the needs of the certification process, its content, especially quizzes, can be a tremendous help in preparing to pass the MongoDB developer certificate. Read more about quizzes below.
Live course with support
This course will be upgraded based on your feedback as this course is for you and your thoughts, problems and questions are very important for me.
I will help you a much as I can.
Quick overview
This course is designed to make you a real, professional MongoDB developer with deep understanding of many different MongoDB features. After this course you will know everything you need, to work with MongoDB comfortably. This course is a MongoDB complete training.
So that you can follow all the queries executed during this course, I have attached a file that contains all the collections I've used. So you will be able to repeat every query and check everything in practice. You will be able to perform your own queries.
For many sections you will find Quizzes. These quizzes contain about 150 questions in total. These quizzes are designed to be hard. They are not there to make you feel good because you know the answer to every single question. They are there to remind you of some things, to draw your attention to certain cases and to make you a better developer at the end. And this is the goal of this course.
For two sections: CRUD and Aggregation you will find some homework. You will need to write some queries, to master your skills. For each homework you will find solutions, so you can compare your queries or just take a peep to help yourself out.
SQL backround
In some cases we will compare MongoDB to relational databases, to see the differences. This, I think, will be quite useful if you have a background in relational databases.
But you don't have to be familiar with relational databases at all to learn MongoDB
MongoDB version
This course is based on MongoDB 3.2. It is the newest stable release, ready for production.
Course version
Current version: 1.0.2 02.03.2017 Better voice for lectures from 20 to 28
1.0.1 31.01.2017 Improved sound for sections 2, 3 and 4
Work in progress
Closed captions 17.04.2017 done for lectures from 1 to 33 (25%)

Who this course is for:
  • anyone who wants to learn the leading "non-relational" database
  • IT developers
  • IT architects
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